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Safari Browser

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Safari is an Internet browser that was first introduced June 30, 2003 and included with Apple Mac OS X and the iPhone. It is also available for iPod Touch and iPad.

A web browser is a software application which enables a user to display and interact with text, images, videos, music, and other information that could be on a website. Text and images on a web page can contain hyperlinks to other web pages at the same or different website. Web browsers allow a user to quickly and easily access information provided on many web pages at many websites by traversing these links. Web browsers format HTML information for display so the appearance of a web page many differ between browsers.


                                                                      school-chalao-safari1 image


How to Download Safari-

Step 1- Go to


                                                                      school-chalao-safari2 image


Step 2- Click "Safari 5 Free Download"/ as you went


                                                                       school-chalao-safari3 image


Step 3- Choose your operating system.


                                                                      school-chalao-safari4 image


Step 4- Click "Download Now"


                                                                      school-chalao-safari5 image


Step 5- Run the installer to safari browser


                                                                        school-chalao-safari6 image



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