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About Dreams


1. If any person studying for a test and learn a new task, than they might consider taking a nap or heading to bed early rather than hovering over a textbook an hour longer. According to Harvard Medical School research, when your brain dreams, it helps you learn and solve problems.

2. We think we have only one dream at night but we are wrong. We have about dozens dreams at one night. We dream every 90 minutes throughout the night. We just may not remember them all. Our first dream at night it almost 5 minutes and the last dream we have almost 45 minutes or 1 hour. It is estimated that most people have more than 100,000 dreams in a lifetime.

3. We can’t read while dreaming. If you are not sure that you having dreaming than try to reading something. We are incapable of reading in their dreams. During the dream we can’t tell time.

4. You know dreams are reasonable for many inventions like Google (dream of Larry Page), DNA’s double helix spiral form (dream of James Watson), Periodic table (dream of Dimitri Mendeleyev) and Alternating current generator (dream of Tesla).

5. About 12% of people dream is black and white.

6. Men’s dream 70% about women, but Women’s dreams are equal amount of women and men.


                                                                              school-chalao-dream image1


7. We think blind people can’t dream but realty is blind people can also dream. That person who became blind after birth they can see images in dreams and who birth blind they use their other senses such as smell, sound, touch etc. to dream.

8.In this world on one person who doesn't dream. If anyone think he doesn’t dream, it's just that you're forgetting your dreams.

9. We think only people can dream but realty is animals also dream. Leopard having dreaming after taking lunch.

10. Psychologists say that daydreaming is actually what occurs if your dream has been carried forward; it is basically related to what you dreamt about when you were fast asleep.

11. Children who less than three years do not dream about themselves.

12. The strangers in your dreams are actually people that you have seen in real life.

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