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Schoolchalao is An Organization That Helps Children To Grow In Right Direction Here we will discuss what kind of problem children face nowadays. Just booky knowledge is not enough for the growth and development of children. Because in the books only the things that children have to learn or have to understand, but books do not explain how to learn and how to understand them. Therefore, many things are needed to read the books well. Post related to all those things we have put in the schoolchalao which will help them in the right direction. Right direction of children means a good performance in children's school and they will be good only when they have good brain power, Increased confidence level, improved communication skill, good focus power, good observation skill, good memory power,improved behavior and stress free. If all these things are in the children, then the performance of them will be even better. Our Organizations try to bring all these things to the children and their parents and to their school so that we can improve their confidence in children by improving their brain power,living them in stress free life, so that they can get help in improving their communication skill and behaviour. Basically, we are trying to teach these things to children, so that children can go in a right direction. Now we talk about some senior students. Even for such students, we have posted job related to their career so that they can go to a right direction and choose their right career, apart from this, the post of their different examination has also been posted. These things make the difference that kids go in the right direction on the right time and choose the right career. As example if a child wants to become a pilot, then he can prepare himself for a pilot from a small class.We have posted more and more similar posts. Now we talk that being good in the school does not make the child successful, there are many fields other than studies where children can make themselves successful, like acting, painting, creativity or even different types of games, in which the child can choose a good career by making himself perfect, as example Sachin Tendulkar choose cricket, Lata Mangeshkar choose the singing and Major Dhyanchand ji choose Hockey. Choosing of this way these people acquired different skills in different fields. In this way, these people got different masters in different fields.Now let us talk about why such a problem, because a survey has shown that even today 70% to 80% of the people in our country are not able to choose their career according to their own interests. The biggest reason for this is that they do not have enough information in their field that they can choose their career in it. There are many more similar fields in which children can make their career,for example a child plays good cricket and he wants to play for the country, but he does not know what he will have to follow in order to become a cricketer. Similarly, there are many more fields like cricket, badminton, tennis, football, hockey, kabaddi where children can make their career.To make children aware from all of these things, we posted in When these things are inside children, children can easily choose their career in that thing.

For more information on this, you can visit our website, follow our Facebook page as well you can also watch the videos on Youtube by subscribing to our channel so that we can help children in right direction.

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Our Mission

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Schoolchalao is an organization that helps children grow in right direction॰It has a special purpose that as we worship God's statue with as much as devotion same like that if we try to make the statue of any child impressive according to their talents then we can raise millions of Vivekanand and Dr. Abdul Kalam. The same Value of Education we are trying to teach the children. Right Direction means that children try to learn and understand better instead of try to remember in order to help to improve the brain power, live stress free life, enhance the confidence, improve memory,focus skills and make behavior better. Our organization is doing all these things to reach out to children, parents, and teachers, so it does not take time to explain to children any of the things. If all these things happen in children then children can make well formed and can improve performance. For children, the right quality information will be available at the right time according to their age, so that children can also choose their own field of interest according to their quality. This complete information is provided by our organization.For example if a child has to become a pilot or a cricketer from a small class, then he can see and learn the whole information from here so can prepare themselves in the time ahead.In the same way, there are many fields like Art and Craft activity, Painting photography, Writing, Sport, Health, Acting, Dancing, Singing, Beauty and fashion designing, Scientist, Environmental analyst, where can determine their career according to their interests. Where you can adjust your career according to your interests and make yourself successful.