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7 Self-Defense Techniques That Can Save Your Life

Self-defense is the art of beating an attacker, regardless of his physical strength, and without the need to use weapons. It is not based on strength but on speed and audacity in dangerous situations.
The following self-defense techniques that can help you if you are attacked or under threat.


How to do it:- Bending a finger backward against the joints will cause a strong pain, making it easier to escape your attacker's grip.



How to do it:- Use open palms, both if possible, with fingers directed towards the eyes. Using the same position of your palms (and at the same time) you can hit or strongly push away the nose or chin with the heel of your hand.


How to do it:- Grad the attacker by his hair, pull his head down and drive your knee as hard as you can into his face.


How to do it:- Bite down the any body part that comes close your face. This will be effective even if your hands are tied.


How to do it:- Stand on one leg, flamingo style. Bend your non-standing leg with your foot behind you. Swiftly kick your attacker's shin. Keep your kick low to avoid it being grabbed.


How to do it:- You can use your hand in several ways here. One way is to use your hand in a chopping motion. "Use an open hand strike to the neck using the same technique as a tennis shot. The ONLY difference is, instead of the front of the hand moving towards the neck, you will be leading with the pinky side of your hand," says Magda.


How to do it:- Use your intuition and do what feels right in the quickest possible way. The hit should be sharp, straight forward and as strong as possible.

You can also use your hands if you're not able to use your legs. Pull, punch or twist using your palms or a closed fist. Do whatever you need to do - don't hold back.



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