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Water Pollution (Disaster)

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What is Water Pollution (Disaster)?

Water pollution is any chemical, physical or biological change in the quality of water that has harmful effects on any living thing that drinking or uses or lives in it. When human drink polluted water it often has serious effects on their health. Water pollution can also make water unsuited for the desired use.


Causes of Water Pollution (Disaster)

Industries- Most Indian rivers and sources of fresh water are the polluted by industrial water and effluents. All these industrial waters are toxic to life forms that consume this water the total wastewater generated from all major industrial sources is 83,048 mid which includes 66,700 mid of cooling water generated from thermal power plants.

Mineral oils- if the mineral oils and their by-product mix with the sea water, they polluted the see extensively. This result is death of numerous aquatic plants, lives and degradation of the aquatic ecology.

Acid rain- when sulphur and nitrogen oxide, sulphate nitrate salt mix with rain water it is called acid rain. This rain water polluted the water of any water body like pond and canal, lake and river.



Effects of Water Pollution (Disaster)

  • Highly polluted water can harm internal organs like heart and kidneys.
  • Groundwater contamination from pesticides causes reproductive damage within wildlife in ecosystems.
  • Polluted drinking water causes cholera or typhoid infections and also diarrheal.
  • Excess of fluoride causes yellowing of teeth and damage to spinal cord and other crippling diseases.
  • Arsenic poisoning cause serious liver and nervous system damage, vascular disease and skin cancer.
  • Lead accumulation in the body affect the central nervous system, putting children and pregnant women at high risk.
  • Chemicals like fluoride, arsenic, lead, chlorine and petrochemicals in water causes adverse effect on human health.



Safety tips from Water Pollution (Disaster)

  • Drink only boiled and pure water.
  • Before take the water in the pot, wash your hands.
  • Use the clean pot for water.
  • Don’t waste the water.
  • Check the water before use.



How to stop Water Pollution (Disaster)

Use Less Plastic, plastic is very harmful for our environment. Cleaning chemicals are hazardous when they enter the water supply. Do not Throw Medicines in the river, sea and pond. River should not be used for washing clothes and bathing animals. Harvesting of rainwater to meet water requirements. Dems and embankments must be created. The river must be not contaminated.



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