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Parents are the same form of God for all of us who provide upbringing and basic needs for children. The kind of values they put in children, in the same way the children are formed later. Therefore, parents status is the largest and highest class in the scriptures. Children are equally  important  for parents similarly, there are parents for children. Therefore it is the parent's responsibility to provide upbringing and basic needs to the children. The way parents provide upbringing and teach children, in future children wear the same type of shape and tendency. According to our scriptures parents are teachers, idealists and greatest advisers of the children.Therefore, give good care to  the children so that they can become a celebrity like Swami Vivekananda and Abdul Kalam and make the name in the society and the country. Like parents who worship God's statue, with the same devotion if one tries to make the statue of children impressive according to its talent, then one can  make Lacs of Swami Vivekanand ji and Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. That's why parents encourage their children for good education, right advice and right direction so that the future of our country can be bright and society and country can well being.

If parents notice some points, children will get the right direction.


1. Make your home environment positive :- First of all, the responsibilities of the parents are to make the home environment positive so that children do not have any problem or trouble because children are honest. The kind of environment they see in the house, they adopt the same type of trend and gradually shield themselves according to the same. If the environment of the home is irritable,negative, battle atmosphere and disgusting to each other then children try to be just like them. So make your home environment positive, peacefull and helping each other. Explain the importance of the right things and benefits from them and try to teach each other the values. Try to give them the right direction so that the children get themselves in the right position.



2. Why tell children the Importance of Education :- Parents should try to give their children the right education so that children learn the importance and value of any thing and the proper use of the situation and tools. If the correct knowledge or imprtance of education  do not tell to children at the right time then they misuse it because a mistake of life can take  them anywhere. Therefore, as a teacher, tell them the importance of correct education. Provide knowledge of right and wrong so that children can improve their future with education



3. Openly discuss with children :- Parents have a big role in children's lifeso speak openly to children's  about their thought, feeling and ideas. Let the children know correctly about those things so that children can share their every kind of problem with parents. If parents do not have an open approach to children, then children are lonely and unhappy in their own home. Because of which children take wrong steps or feel pressed under something else throughout life. So speak openly to the children and help to correct the problem in their life. Because children are also a small part of parents who illuminate the name of parents in the future.



4. Give time to children and recognize their talents :- Parents should spend time with their children doing activities like make fun,play games and  walk around or you can discus  with children about different types of things  so that  get out of their hidden talents. Observe children and respect their talent so that children's morale will increase. This will also strengthen the relationship between children and parents. Parents have to take time from their busy schedule and spend as much as possible with children. Help to enhance the talent of the children.Identify the talent of children and help them build their career so that children can make themselves worthy.



5. Appreciate children's efforts and  increase their morale :- Children are like a clay pit, the way they make them they are made. So that children feel  good  and they try to do their work better which will increase the chances of their success. Increase the morale of the children so that they put their full strength in their work and if the parents drop the morale of the children then the children think that who knows me the most, if they are not support me, then who else will help me. Because of which the strength of children will become their weakness and they will gradually get frustrated. Therefore, always try to increase the morale of your children.



6. Explain ways to sucessful rather than taunt children on their failure :- Children do not have so much knowledge in their age that they can do all the work well. Often they fail in their efforts. Because of which many parents scold to children or begin to compare with others which causes negative effects on children which is not right for children. Parents should keep in mind that no person is so perfect that can do all the work well. Therefore, instead of taunt  the children in such a condition, try to make the child successful by correcting the cause in which the child is unsuccessful. So that the child does not feel bad and in the future, they try to do that work well.



7. Explain the cause and effect of each circumstance of life :- There are many such situations come in front of the children in  their life by which they scared. The same fear bothers them for whole life. Therefore, in such a situation, parents can do solution of these kind of problem. In such a situation explain to children that  such situations occur in two condition only, one when we do not have aware for anything  and  second when God is taking our examination so that we can make ourselves stronger and better. So it is easy for the children to get out of such situations and children try to give themselves the right direction and do not be afraid to face any kind of situation. Parents have a duty to explain the reasons and effects of such circumstances to the child.



8. Explain the special reason to believe in customs of society :-Indian culture is the world's largest,well known, oldest and all-round. That's why parents should raise their children properly and explain them the reasons for the customs of the society. Because in our scriptures there are detailed information about everything. Explain it to the children and tell them the benefits so that children do such things that parents do not mind and their soul did not get hurt.Explain the children about such customs in the right meaning and without blind faith.



9. Let the children decide for themselves :- Many times we see that many parents try to impose their things on children that which they can not do themselves. Because of which children begin to feel depression.Which makes children upset all the time, due to which children take up the wrong steps.Therefore, to save children from such things  allow them to take some decision so that they can do something better in their life. Using the correctness of their energy, quality and capacity get themselves a good place. For such things, help children by observing them  in which they can do very well and stay happy throughout lifebecause life does not give the opportunities again and again. That's why parents support the children's right decision.



10. Instead of being angry at children, tell the difference between right and wrong :- Parents are everything for children, so parents need to give a good upbringing  to children that's why parents should give good care to their children so that they become honest, responsible, patient, helpful, kind and compassionate. Do not get angry on children. Rather than angry, tell the children about the right and the wrong with the examples so that children do not take the wrong decision in Life. Children's futures will start to spoil  because of  your anger or they can also take a wrong decision because they do not have good brain development. Provide the right knowledge to the children so that they can become a good and responsible citizen in their life.


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