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Titanic Sinks, 1912


Date- 14-15 April 1912

Place- North Atlantic Ocean

About Titanic tragedy:-

Titanic was a most beautiful luxury and one of the largest ships. This ship built in Belfast and Titanic designed by the Irish shipbuilder William Pirrie. Titanic went departed Southampton, England, on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on 10 April 1912. Titanic ship was a fastest ship. 2200 people and some ship officer were carried on Titanic’s first journey. Titanic wants to New York City whit his full speed. However, just before midnight on April 14, the RMS Titanic failed to divert its course from an iceberg and ruptured at least five of its hull compartments. These compartments filled with water and pulled down the bow of the ship. Many passenger were jumped on ocean to safe himself fall down and died.


                                                                            school-chalao-titanic image 1


Slowly-slowly water filled in ship. After filled water the first part of ship started fall down in ocean than the Titanic ship broke in two parts about 2:00 A.M. that time the shortage of helpers and lifeboats in Titanic, more than 1500 passengers including ship workers were fall down with half part of titanic. Most of the 700 or so survivors were women and child. The Cunard liner Carpathian arrived there after Titanic fall down. Later find that Leyland liner informed about 20 miles far from accident place but had failed to hear the Titanic‘s distress signals because its radio operator was off duty.


                                                                          school-chalao-titanic image 2


Titanic was second Royal Mail Ship. The length of titanic was 882.feet 9 inches. About 10000 bulbs were used in ship. The cost of making that ship was $ 7,500,000. 2 workers were died when they working on it. Titanic could carry 3547 passengers. Titanic need about 64 lifeboats but it had only 20 lifeboats. Titanic take 2 hours and 40 minutes to completely fall down.

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