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Gujarat Earthquake, 2001

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Date- 26 January 2001

Place- Kutch (Gujarat)

About Gujarat Earthquake:-

Gujarat earthquake is a major tragedy in India. The Gujarat earthquake is also known as the Bhuj earthquake. This earthquake was come on 26 jan. 2001 at the village of Chobari in Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District of Gujarat. That’s India’s 52th republic day. Earthquake come on morning at 08:46 AM and its period was 2 minutes. The interpolate earthquake reached 7.7 on the moment magnitude scale and had a maximum felt intensity of X on the Mercalli intensity scale. After the earthquake police find out that people killed between 13,805 and 20,023 and injured about 167,000. During the earthquake destroyed approximately 400,000 houses.


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In the Kutch about 12,300 people were die and a village Bhuj, which was 20 km far from centre was completed destroyed. About Hundreds village were damaged by effect of earthquake. This earthquake destroyed about 40% of houses, two hospitals, 8 schools and partly destroyed the city's historic Swaminarayan temple and historic fort as well Prag Mahal and Aina Mahal. The earthquake destroyed about 60% of food and water supplies and around 258,000 houses–90% of the district's housing stock in Kutch. Total property damage was approximately at $5.5 billion. 60% of foods and water supplies were destroyed. The Indian military provided emergency support which was later augmented by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Society. A temporary Red Cross hospital remained in Bhuj to provide care while a replacement hospital was built.


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