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Working With Outlines in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is a great program that allows you to bring together text, images, shapes and multimedia. However, sometimes you may just want to review the text without focusing on the non-text aspects of the slide deck. This is where the Outline view in PowerPoint is quite useful. The Outline view can be accessed from the tab adjacent to Slide tab in the Normal view.


                                                                school-chalao-work on powerpoint image1


The outline view shows just the text content from various slides. This view does not show the text entered in non-text box like SmartArt, Word Art or any other shapes.


                                                               school-chalao-work on powerpoint image2


By default the outline pane size is same as the slide tab pane hence it is small. However, you can drag the pane out to increase the size to improve the readability.


                                                                school-chalao-work on powerpoint image3

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