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Managing Sections in PowerPoint

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Given the popularity of PowerPoint and its versatility, there are situations when you are dealing with very large slide decks or just collaborating with multiple people to build the slides. In such cases, it is always helpful to be able to segregate the slides into smaller groups and work with these groups. PowerPoint 2010 introduces the concept of sections to achieve this. Here are the main functions you can execute with sections.

Creating Sections

The steps to create a new section are as follows. You can execute these steps from Normal or Slide Sorter views.

Step (1): In Normal or Slide Sorter view right click at the position where you want to add the section and select add section.


                                                                 school-chalao-section in powerpoint image1


Step (2): The new section gets added to the presentation with all the subsequent slides being included in this section.


                                                                school-chalao-section in powerpoint image2


Step (3): By default the new section is named "Untitled Section" but you can change the section name. Right click on the section and select "Rename Section"


                                                               school-chalao-section in powerpoint image3


Step (4): In the Rename Section dialog, enter the new section name. This dialog accepts all the characters including alphabets, numbers, special characters, punctuations, etc.

Step (5): Click on "Rename" button on the dialog to rename the section.


                                                                 school-chalao section in powerpoint image4

Rearranging Sections

One of the advantages of sections is that you can not only group slides together, but also rearrange them as one set. Instead of having to move each slide individually, you can move the entire section. Just like rearranging slides you can drag and move the sections. Alternately, you can right click on the section and move it up of down as shown.


                                                               school-chalao-section in powerpoint image6


If there are many slides to work with, you can collapse them so you view just the sections. This makes rearranging them less confusing too.


                                                                school-chalao-section in powerpoint image7


Deleting Sections

PowerPoint 2010 provides three options to delete sections. The table below explains the function of each option.


                                                                school-chalao-section in powerpoint image8


Delete Option


Remove Section

Deletes selected section and merges slides with previous section.

Remove Section & Slide

Deletes selected section and all the slides in the section.

Remove All Sections

Deletes all the sections and merges all the slides into a presentation without sections.


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