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Extra Ordinary Communication Skills

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What is Communication ?

extra-ordinary-communication-skills-mainCommunication is all about to exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium. Communication is a way of sharing information. In other words we can say that  it’s a two-way process of reaching mutual understanding.

Communication skills are very important part of life. If we don’t have that power of skills then we can’t express our self correctly.

Problems of weak communication skills:-

Weak communication skill is a very big problem here. People generally can’t express what they really want to say. Some time they feel better to quit the conversations without finishing their point. Some time we can’t understand what other people want to tell us, someone is speaking on something and you are getting something else and finally you got nothing from there. Being able to communicate effectively is the most important.

Some general problems arise due to weak communication:-

  1. Creating uncertainty:-Due to weak communication uncertainty raises, and uncertainty leads to stress and conflict.
  2. Lower Efficiency:- With poor communication can't get full understanding about anything. And without full understanding nobody can deliver 100% output.
  3. Arguments raises:- Poor communication generate argument with people.
  4. Weak Presentation:- You can never explain what you really want to say.
  5. Can’t be good speaker/learner due to lack of understanding.

These are some general issues with weak communication skills, A part of these you can be affected in business, general communication, debates, being leader, manager etc…

Benefits of Good Communication Skills:-

Good communication skill is the key of being human because everything starts from here. Before starting any work first you need to have a communication related to that and if you will get all the things accordingly then that work will be completed in desired manner. Good communication skills can help all aspects of your life. We all need good communication skills if we want to get a higher success in our life. Effective communication is not only what you are saying or  how you convey your message to others, it’s also how you listen to others and to gain the full meaning of what’s being said.

In other words we can say that it plays a very important role to being happy, attractive, popular, successful, in control, and loving. Some of benefits are below:-

1. Good Communication increases your chance of success:-  Effective communication skills are fundamental to success in many aspects of life.Many jobs require strong communication skills and people with good communication skills usually enjoy better interpersonal relationships with friends and family. And same things for personal business because with good communication skills you can increase your customers and can get all the correct information of client’s work and if requirement is clear so far then you can easily achieve your targets.

2. Good Communication helps you to understand people:-  Only very few cases you can understand people to the level they want. Good communication helps you to get real thought of the person you talking with, understand their emotions, and communicate at the level of emotions. Understanding happens at two levels.

  • Good communication helps you understand human behavior as it relates to everyone.
  • It helps you understand people you talk with as you explore what really matters to them.

3. Good Communication increases your happiness:- Happiness also increases as you minimize destructive conflict. Effective communication makes you happier by helping you:

  • Reduce verbal fights you will think before taking decision.
  • Manage your anger and you will feel cool inside.
  • Express yourself to get things off your back.
  • Change other situations to increase relationship-enhancing feelings.

4. Good Communication increases your self-understanding:- Effective Communication skills force you to talk yourself and it helps you for self-understanding. Here is some of example

  • Generally, at the time of criticism you feel anger towards someone you love.
  • Fear that stops you from talking with a very beautiful girl.
  • Not to raise your hand if you are the only supporter of anything from a group….etc.

So if it’s happening with you also then your self-understanding is zero, you don’t understand your behavior and this hurts you every day. At that time you should use your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual resources to your potential.


5. Good Communication makes you satisfied: - You are satisfied when you get desired output from your work. To get what you want, either someone gives it to you or you get it yourself using your good communication skills. You must learn how to get what you want to be satisfied. You do this by improving your persuasion, negotiation, and influence skills.

6. Good Communication gives you self-control:- Most of the time you said something to someone and letter on you feel bad for that or even may be you even slapped someone, this happens due to weak communication skills. If you have good communication skills then you think once before speaking or doing any action. Communication skills help self-control to manage impulsive behavior. Self-control is beyond not doing actions. It also involves doing the right things.

7. Good Communication makes you relaxed: - Stress reflects how you manage our work or personal life with the world. With good communication skills you can finalize the work priority and set schedules of work (using work priority you do not need to say yes for the work that you don’t want to do right now). You no longer worry over the world’s reactions if you respond from control within yourself.

8. Good Communication help you to be popular in the group:-  Good communication helps you to develop and keep relations for long time. Using communication skills you can make a great impression on others and that can make you the most liked person in school, college, office, group, family or a club, communication makes you more popular. Once you develop good conversation skills, your number of friends is only limited by the time you talk with people.

9.Good Communication increases love between people:-


This is very effective, You can love people more than you think by changing the way of communication (you talk and you listen). Good communication skill show respect and love to people and as you know if someone loving you then you cannot hate them that why people says “Giving love is the best way to receive love”.



10. Good Communication makes you one hot dude/chick:-  To attract someone you have to match yourself somewhere with that person. For ex. if you want to attract a fun, loving, positive, and caring person, you have to become a fun, loving, positive, and caring person. When you improve the way of presenting yourself, you reap the benefits of communication. You boost your confidence, and social life. Without communication, you can’t attract people. Communication makes you more interesting, connects you with people, builds friendships, and attracts a partner.

How to improve communication skills:-

  1. Motive of the person whom with you are Talking:- Most important point for the better communication is to understand that person who is seating in front of you. If you can’t get what is the requirement of that person then you can’t satisfy him and if you can do then you can get better result. Suppose you are talking to someone and you are not able to understand that person. Then the thinking point of both of you will be different and if you are thinking on two different topics then how is this possible that you can get a good result from the conversation.
  2. Never do argument in communication:-  If you have good communication skill then you never go towards the argument in conversation. Argument only happens if you are not agreed with your partner. In this case suppose you are not agreed with your partner then say “you are agreed.” But ask him for the explanation. If you will agree every time and ask for the explanation then your communication will go in right direction and you will have a good result of your communication. Otherwise you got dispute.
  3. Ask More Questions:- During the communication ask more question with a simple smile, For the better understanding and your partner will take more interest  to explain you all the thinks. When you ask question again and again (Not the same one) then you will go deep of the discussion and that will help for better communication. 
  4. Stay focused on the topic:- At the time of discussion you should be focused on the topic. Because if there is something running in your mind apart from the topic then you will not be able to understand all the things and without understanding you can’t communicate in better manner. For better result you have to feel the topic and have to focused on which you are discussing.
  5. Be a good listener:- It’s very important to be a good listener for better communication. If you are not listening someone carefully then you will not be able to get thought of the person and without understanding though you can’t have effective Communication.extra-ordinary-communication-skills1
    • Avoid comparing the person's experiences to your own experiences, because it will create disturbance in your mind with the current topic and half of your mind will be diverted towards your own experiences. So focus on the point on which you are discussing.
    • Avoid quick response and focus on absorbing everything the person is saying to you. Only after that you can really try to communicate in better way.
    • Stop moving yourself towards the final stage of the topic. Generally after listening a few words you create a movie by yourself. Avoid that and listen the all story by the speaker.
  6. Match your mood with partner:- For the healthy communication you and your partner should be on the same level. If you are not then try to be on the level.
  7. Using appropriate Body language:- some of the important points related to body language are followings:--
    • Eye contact is very important when you listening/talking to someone. When someone is talking to you, focus directly on their eyes so that they will know with certainty that you are absorbing every single word. Even if the topic is not interesting to you, at least respect and truly listen to what the speaker has to say.
    • Encourage the speaker with body language because our body also speaks with us so be careful while talking to someone. So feel everything at the time of discussion then body will move accordingly.
    • Listen actively to express your interest like’ words’ you are using, your expression, speak at approximately the same energy level as the other person etc..

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Kunwar Neeraj Rajput

Kunwar Neeraj Rajput

Monday, Dec 26, 2016 at 04:18

Must read.....Very useful post...... make me a good listener and speaker to.... I am sure help you toooo...