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Solutions Of Ozone Depletion


Desist from using pesticides:

Pesticides are great chemicals to rid your farm of pests and weeds, but they contribute enormously to ozone layer depletion. The surefire solution to get rid of pests and weeds is to apply natural methods. Just weed your farm manually and use alternative eco-friendly chemicals to alleviate pests.


Avoid products that results in ozone depletion:

If you are out for shopping, don’t buy aerosol products with chlorofluorocarbons. Do check your fire extinguishers if “halon” or “halogenated hydrocarbon” is the main ingredient. Dispose of old air conditioning units, refrigerators that use chlorofluorocarbons to function. This could release the toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.



Discourage driving of private vehicles:

The easiest technique to minimize ozone depletion is to limit the number of vehicles on the road. These vehicles emit a lot of greenhouse gases that eventually form smog, a catalyst in the depletion of ozone layer.


Utilize environmentally friendly cleaning products:

Most household cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals that find way to the atmosphere, eventually contributing to degradation of the ozone layer. Use natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products to arrest this situation.


Prohibit the use of harmful nitrous oxide:

The Montreal Protocol formed in 1989 helped a lot in the limitation of Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). However, the protocol never covered nitrous oxide, which is a known harmful chemical that can destroy the ozone layer. Nitrous oxide is still in use today. Governments must take action now and outlaw nitrous oxide use to reduce the rate of ozone depletion.


Speak to your family, friends, colleagues:

Ozone layer depletion is something that could prove hazardous for the entire human community. Speak to your friends, family members, colleagues and encourage them to drive less, eat local, to dispose of fire extinguishers and air conditioning units containing ODS (ozone depleting substances).



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