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Effects Of Ozone Depletion

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Effect on human health:

If the ozone layer is depleted, it means humans will be overly exposed to strong UV light. Overexposure to strong UV light causes skin cancer, cataracts, sunburns, weakening of immune system and quick aging.


Effect on plants:

Plants become another casualty by radiation effects of UV rays. The physiological and developmental processes of plants are also severely affected apart from the growth. Some other changes that are caused by UV include the way plants form, timing of development and growth, how nutrients are distributed within the plant and metabolism, etc.



Threat to marine life:

Certain marine life, especially planktons, is greatly impacted by exposure to strong ultraviolet rays. In the aquatic food chain, planktons appear high up. If planktons decrease in number due to ozone layer destruction, the marine food chain would be disrupted in many ways. Also, overexposure of sun rays could reduce the fortunes of fishers. On top of that, certain species of marine life have been greatly affected by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation at their early stage.


Effect on biogeochemical cycles:

Increases in UV radiation alters both sources and sinks of greenhouse gasses in the biosphere, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbonyl sulfide, ozone, and possibly other gases. Changes in UV levels would contribute to biosphere-atmosphere feedbacks that mitigate or amplify the atmospheric concentrations of these gases.


Effect on animals:

In domesticated animals, too much Ultraviolet radiation could also lead to skin and eye cancer.


Impacts certain materials:

Materials like plastics, wood, fabrics, rubber are massively degraded by too much ultraviolet radiation.



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