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Introduction of MS-Word


Microsoft Word or MS-WORD is a graphical word processing program. In MS-Word users can type. MS-Word was made by the computer company Microsoft. Its purpose is to allow users to create and edit personal and business documents, such as letters, reports, invoices, emails and books.

By default, documents saved in Word are saved with the .docx extension. Microsoft Word can be used for the following purposes:

  • To create business documents having various graphics including pictures, charts, and diagrams.
  • To store and reuse ready-made content and formatted elements such as cover pages and sidebars.
  • To create letters and letterheads for personal and business purpose.
  • To design different documents such as resumes or invitation cards etc.
  • To create a range of correspondence from a simple office memo to legal copies and reference documents.

The Ribbon

Understanding the Ribbon is a great way to help understand the changes between Microsoft 2003 to Microsoft 2010.  The ribbon holds all of the information in previous versions of Microsoft Office in a more visual stream line manner through a series of tabs that include an immense variety of program features.  

Home Tab- This is the most used tab; it incorporates all text formatting features such as font and paragraph changes.


                                 school-chalao-home tab image                                                     


Insert Tab- This tab allows you to insert a variety of items into a document from pictures, clip art, tables and headers and footers.


                                school-chalao-insert tab image1


Page Layout- Tab This tab has commands to adjust page elements such as margins, orientation, inserting columns, page backgrounds and themes.


                                school-chalao-page layout image1



Reference Tab- This tab has commands to use when creating a Table of Contents and citation page for a paper.  It provides you with many simple solutions to create these typically difficult to produce documents.


                              school-chalao-reference tab image     


Mailing Tab- This tab allows you to create documents to help when sending out mailings such as printing envelopes, labels and processing mail merges.


                               school-chalao-mailing tab image  


Review Tab- This tab allows you to make any changes to your document due to spelling and grammar issues.  It also holds the track changes feature which provides people with the ability to make notes and changes to a document of another person.


                              school-chalao-review tab image


View Tab- This tab allows you to change the view of your document to a different two page document or zoom.


                               school-chalao-view tab image



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