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Spell Check

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Spell Check Basis

Let us see how to access the spell check.

  • To access the spell checker, Choose Review Spelling or press F7.
  • To check the spelling in just a particular range, select the range before you activate the spell checker.
  • If the spell checker finds any words it does not recognize as correct, it displays the Spelling dialogue with suggested options.


                                               school-chalao-spell chech image1


Exploring Options

Let us see the various options available in spell check dialogue.

  • Ignore Once − Ignores the word and continues the spell check.
  • Ignore All − Ignores the word and all subsequent occurrences of it.
  • Add to Dictionary − Adds the word to the dictionary.
  • Change − Changes the word to the selected word in the Suggestions list.
  • Change All − Changes the word to the selected word in the Suggestions list and changes all subsequent occurrences of it without asking.
  • AutoCorrect − Adds the misspelled word and its correct spelling (which you select from the list) to the AutoCorrect list.


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