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Oriya Language

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Introduction of Oriya Language

Oriya language is in the right place of Indo Aryan Language. This is also an Indian language which belongs to Indo European Language family. Also it is spoken in many parts of Indian state of Orissa, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Even many people from Chhattisgarh extensively spoke this medium of communication. Moreover this language is regarded as the official language in India’s state Orissa. It is even second official lingo in Jharkhand. Additionally this predominant verbal communication of Orissa has numbers of speakers as per the survey. In addition this language inhabits Indo European Language family which further resides some group such as Indo Aryan, Indo Iranian, Oriya and Eastern.



Oriya, along with Bengali and Assamese, has been derived from the Eastern Magadhi Apabhramsa and trace its origin to the 10th century. In the 16th and 17th century, the language fell under the spell of Sanskrit. However, during the 17th and 18th centuries, it followed a new line of approach. The history of Oriya language is divided into Old Oriya (10th century-1300), Early Middle Oriya (1300-1500), Middle Oriya (1500-1700), Late Middle Oriya (1700-1850) and Modern Oriya (1850 till present day).



In 14th century, the history and evolution of Oriya literature came into existence. The famous poet Sarala wrote many literary works in form of praising Durga goddess. Rama bibaha was the first longest peom written by Arjuna Dasa in Oriya Literature form. Moreover this Oriya language is rich in literature and consists of many writings, poems and novels based on in Oriya language. A number of renowned and well versed poets and writers have made a great attempt to jot down many poems, novels and scripts on Oriya language and compile several things for its literature. Furthermore the first Oriya’s printing typeset was printed by missionaries of Christian. Since 3th century this language has rich literary heritage. In addition many scripts and writings of this language Oriya is totally based and somewhat related to Assamese and Bengali script. Even many words and phrases are adopted from Sanskrit language which at times shares the same phonology as well.


Writing System

The Oriya script is usually written in Kalinga script. In ancient India, this script was considered as one of the descendent. Moreover this Kalinga is regarded as one of the earliest inscription in Oriya language. Furthermore this script appears in curve form, which means that it was written on palm leaves which have the capability to tear if still many straight lines are used. Additionally it is an Indo Aryan Language spoken by many people chiefly in Indian state of Orissa and also in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Gujarat. In addition this language is closely related to Bengali and Assamese languages. This language is written from left to right in horizontal lines.


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