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Motilal Nehru

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Birth and Parent:-

Motilal was born on 6th May 1861. The great poet, Rabindranath Tagore, also was born on the same day. Motilal was not fortunate enough even to see his father. His father was Gangadhar and his mother was Jeevarani. In 1857 during India's first struggle for freedom Gangadhar was a Police officer in New Delhi. He escaped from Delhi with great difficulty and came to Agra. Early in 1861 he passed away. A few months later Motilal was born.


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As a boy Motilal learnt Arabic and Persian languages. After joining a College in Allahabad he attained proficiency in English too. He was more interested in sports than in studies. He was very handsome and lively. Everyone liked him. Thinking that he had not done well in the first paper, he did not take the rest of the B. A. examination. And he never got his B. A. degree.


About Freedom Fighting:-

Motilal Nehru was an active Indian independence activist. He was arrested by the British police during the Non-Cooperation Movement. Although Motilal Nehru was at first close to Mahatma Gandhi, later on he developed some differences with him and joined the Swaraj Party which tried to enter the British backed councils. The Swaraj Party became a failure; and Nehru returned to the Congress.

Motilal Nehru was the prime mover of the Nehru Commission (1928), the first constitution written by Indians which sought a dominion status for India within the British Empire. It was rejected by hard line Indians who saw it as an unfair document not representing the varied interests of the native Indian population.

Motilal Nehru's failing health kept him out of the pre-independent Indian politics when Mahatma Gandhi started the Salt Satyagraha. He was arrested in 1930, but was released quickly due to his deteriorating physical condition.



This freedom fighter and a prominent figure in Indian National Congress passed away on February 6, 1931.


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