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Sindhi Cuisine

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Introduction of Sindhi Cuisine

Sindh region is in the present day Pakistan. The region is adjacent on the western side to the present day Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab. During India Pakistan partition, Sindh region was given to Pakistan but most of the Sindhi population migrated to India. Through Sindhi people, Sindhi cuisine is still alive and rampant in the northern part of India. Even in Sindh region in Pakistan, Sindhi cuisine is still present with them. Traditionally, Sindhi cuisine has been influenced by its neighboring regions such as Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines.

Sindhi cuisine is predominantly chicken, mutton, pork, fish, vegetables, dairy and fruit. Sindhi muslims do not eat pork and it has been replaced with beef. One of the typical features of Sindhi cuisine and Sindhi recipes is the deep frying and caramelizing of their food which is a distinguishing sign of Sindhi influence. And also they use a lot of souring agents in their foods which include generous usage of mango powder, tamarind, kokum flowers, pomegranate seeds.


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Some of the best Sindhi recipes dishes in non-vegetarian category include Sindhi Pomfret, Sindhi Meat Nehari, Sheek Kabab, Boti Kabab, Bhugal Teewarn, Teewarn, Seyal Pallo, Pava, Jera Bhukiyoo, Sindhi Seyal Chicken, Fote Waro Tivan, Seyal Pallo, Sindhi Beef Kebab, Sindhi Mutton Biryani, Saag Chicken, etc. These are some of the Sindhi non-vegetarian dishes which are very popular both in India as well as in Pakistan.

Some of the vegetarian dishes in Sindhi cuisine include Vaghaar Kadhi, Tidali Dal, Moong dal Soup, Mushroom Matar, Seyal Bhaji, Seyal Pav, Sindhi Kadi, Sindhi Pakora, Toor Ki Dal, Varyoon Patata, Turi Bhaji, Sindhi Fried Rice, Sindhi Channa, Seyal Dabroti, Sai Bhaji, Palak Curry, Sindhi Mustard Rice, Sindhi Masala Koki, Lauki Paratha, Karhi, Kala Channa, Green Poori, Dal Bhaji, Dahi Curry, Sindhi Corn Rice, Bhugi Bhaji, Aloo Tuk, etc. These are some of the most highly cooked vegetarian preparations in Sindhi cuisine.

Sindhi recipes can be very interesting to make these at home. In order to obtain some of the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian Sindhi recipes, one can search cookery books and also search for Sindhi recipes online. Sindhi recipes list can be obtained in both cookery books and through the internet. One can easily obtain details about Sindhi recipes list on the internet. Sindhi recipes online search can yield better results as people post many recipes on the internet.


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