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Maharashtrian Cuisine

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Introduction of Maharashtrian Cuisine

Maharashtrian Cuisine is distinguished for its spicy and mouth watering taste. The culture of Maharashtra is reflected in its local cuisine. Maharashtrian meals are systematically planned and cooked. The vegetables are more or less only steamed and very lightly seasoned so as to retain their dietary value. There is almost no deep frying and roasting in Maharashtra cuisine recipes. In Maharashtra, the regional festivals and food go together and every dish brings a special significance along with it.

Overlooking the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea, Maharashtrian cuisine is largely influenced by sea-foods and the cuisine that is popular in the interiors of the state presents a strong blend of the traditional and the contemporary preparations. The coastline of Maharashtra is usually called the ‘Konkan’ and boasts its own Konkani cuisine, which is a harmonized combination of Malvani, Gaud Saraswat Brahmin and Goan cuisines. Besides the coastal Maharashtrian cuisine, the interior of Maharashtra or the Vidarbha area has its own distinctive cuisine known as the Varadi cuisine.


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India being as wide as an ocean in culture, languages, and dialects also differs vastly with respect to the recipes. It is because of geographical locations, climate, preference of taste and type of cuisine preferred. India also has their cuisines varying so much because of demographics and cultural boundation also. Maharashtrian Recipes are no different in such case and considering the wide variety of food that is cooked Maharashtra truly has become the cynosure of all the true taste buffs over the world. In the coming pages one can find a large variety of Maharashtrian Recipes in the Maharashtrian Recipes list.

Maharashtrian Recipes consists of wide variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian food as being one of the coastal states predominantly the sea food has got quite an impact over the cuisine. Being one of the most fertile lands the Konkan coast and unarguably the source of one of the best varieties of mango – the Alphonso to the lush ripe oranges along the region of Nagpur on eastern side; Maharashtrian Recipes are complete in their own sense.

With serving for the sweet tooth by delicacies like Shrikhand, Puran Poli ,Modaks along with Spicy dishes and curries such as Rassa with more attention paid towards snack items such as Vada Pav, Misal Pav and Batata Vada. Mumbai- with its resounding life and glamorous lifestyle famous for its night life boasts of its own specialty dish known as “Chaat”. From the coastal regions comes a large variety of sea food and KOLI dishes that titillate the taste buds and attract people around the world to converge on the food. The best part about Maharashtrian Recipes is its servings depending upon the weather suiting to the climate and adjusting to the nature. Maharashtra being so famous one can also learn Maharashtrian Recipes online through various online portals one of which is this attempt to bring the best of the Maharashtrian Recipes.


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