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Gair Dance - Rajasthan

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What is Gair Dance?

Gair is one of the most famous folk dances of Rajasthan popularized by Bhil community. This dance is performed only by men. Dandi Gair and Geendad are variations of this dance popular in Marwar and Sekhawat regions of Rajasthan respectively.



Dandi Gair is a variation of the Gair dance performed in the Marwar region of Rajasthan. This folk dance is performed by the men and women of the Bhil community. The word Gair means ‘circle’ in the regional language and therefore is performed within circular formations. The Dandi Gair is different from the overarching Gair group in that its movements are performed in circular formations.  Other than that, the movements themselves, the music and the costumes remain similar.


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The Bhil community of Rajasthan is one among the many Adivasi groups or aboriginal people of India. During the Rajputana rule, they were employed in various capacities such as shikaris (hunters) and as army personnel. It is believed by the local people that the movements and the formations in the Dandi Gair is drawn from the military lives of the Bhil people.



The Dandi Gair dance is performed in a huge circle that surrounds the singers and musicians. While the background score is a mix of the singers singing melodious folk songs to the beats of the dholak, nagada and dhol, the dancers use the sticks in their hands known as the Khanda.

The performers move in and out of the circle during the performance and also move in circular motion. During each turn, the performers beat the sticks and create thumping beats that complement to the melody. The movements follow a particular pattern wherein the dancers first move clockwise and then anti-clockwise. While these are the basic movements, complicated patterns are also made with turns and other complex movements, based on the proficiency of the troupe.


Gair Dance Elements

The Rajasthani folk music play in background with dhol, nagada, and dholak during gair dance. The enchanting background music forces one dnace with the beat. The dancers performing this gair dance are dressed traditionally in colorful long pleated tunics that open out into full length skirts. The beautiful decorative dresses and the enchanting background music makes this dance more attractive. The Bhil folk perform this dance by wearing colorful dresses and carrying swords, arrows and sticks. The dancers move first in clockwise then in anti-clockwise direction, beating their sticks to create the rhythm when they turn.


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Gair Dance Occasion

Considered as a popular entertainment, Gair Dance does not need any specific occasion for performance. However, it is popularly performed during festivals. This dance is generally performed during Holi. Gair dancers take centre stage on the festival of Janmaashtami too.


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Gair Dance Video

Gair Dance is one of the most famous folk dances of Rajasthan. Here is the Gair Dance Video.



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