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Sitalsasthi Festival

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Sitalsasthi is a festival which celebrates the marriage of Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati. It happened 400 years ago and Hindus celebrated this festival as carnival. People different parts of world come to the festival to enhance the significance of the carnival with joy and colour. This festival is celebrated at the end of the summer season in order to worship the God of rain ease them from the scorching summer. Sambalpur attracts the attention of the local people and the tourists during this festival.


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History of Sitalsasthi Festivals

According to the mythological stories it is said that when Tarkasura the demon was creating a huge hue and cry in the world by his boon given by Lord Brahama, that he will be killed by Lord Shiv's son only. He asked for this book because Tarkasur knew after the death of the wife of Lord Shiv (Sati), he cut his life off from the world and lived in loneliness and after went in deep meditation and resulting to that he won't have any son. The re carnation of Sati was born with the name of Parvati, who was the daughter of Himalaya and grew up into a beautiful and young woman. But ages passed the meditation of Lord Shiv could not be broken. Lord Vishnu suggested a solution and the Indian Cupid Kamadeva aimed an arrow to Lord Shiv, as a result he burnt Kamadeva into ashes by his anger. On the other hand Parvati made a supreme place for Lord Shiv in her heart and made her mind to just marry him. After knowing about her love and devotion Lord Shiv took a test of Parvati and then they got married. The marriage ceremony of this celebrated as their son Kartikan killed Tarkasura and saved the world from his tyranny.


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How to celebrate Sitalsasthi Festivals

This festival is celebrated especially between 2nd day to the 8th day of marriage. Sambalpur being the centre of attraction for the pilgrims and the tourists as it gives evidences and proof of the incident that happened 400 years ago. Sitalsasthi is celebrated not only in Orissa but also in the eastern part of the state. The ceremony starts with Lord Shiv and the other God and Goddess carring a prossession. Hanuman and Narsimha leads the procession and reaches to the bride home. There the barat is welcomed by the family of Goddess. Then the different rituals are performed and ceremony is carried off. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. The rituals which are performed are similar to the marriage process even today.


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