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Maharishi Parshuram Jayanti

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Shri Parshuram is sixth reincarnation of Shrivishnu. His legends are found in the Holy texts, Ramayan, Mahabharat and some Purans.

Shri Parashuram’s mother was Renuka and father was Rushi Jamadagni. He was born in Bhrugu dynasty. Shri Parashuram was born in the nineteenth Tretayug (in the transition period between Treta and Dwapar yug according to Mahabharat). Shri Parashuram was born in a dynasty which was predominant in Divine radiance (Brahmatej) and kindled with the radiance of the fighting spirit (Kshatratej).

His physical appearance can be described as having a mammoth physique, matted hair on the head, bow on the shoulder and holding an Axe (Parashu) in the hand.


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History of Maharishi Parshuram

Parashuram’s father Rishi Jamadagni had a household cow called Kama Dhenu which was capable of feeding any number of people when time demands. The Kshatriya king called Kartavirya Sahashrarjun wanted to acquire this cow and when the Rishi refused to part with it, the Rishi and also the Cow were killed by that Kshatriya king. Upon this, Parshuram vowed to kill all the Kshatriya on this earth and liberate people from the clutches of Kshatriya.  Fearing Parasuram, all the Kshatriya fled away from earth, leaving it totally unprotected. Saint Ashyap in order to keep the earth safe obtained a promise from Parshuram that he would not stay in the world during night times and in compliance with that Parshuram went to Mahendra mount to settle down there.

Hindu devotees have faith that by keeping fast this day would bring them all princely comforts and also those who  pray Parasuram on this day would be blessed with a Son as their progeny, as these message comes from VarahPuran.


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How to celebrate Maharishi Parshuram Jayanti

Fasts are kept one night before this day and continued till the next day. These are very hard fasts mainly kept by women. They pray for happy and prosperous lives of their families. Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. As Lord Parashurama is incarnation of Lord Vishu so they both are prayed together. Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama is done, all night long without sleeping by the worshippers. People sing and dance all overnight to celebrate the Jayanti. People who worship on this day also make a donation of food to Sadhus and Brahmans.


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