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Bathukamma festival, a popular celebration in Telangana is here. The festival is celebrated for nine days, with women brightening up their houses and streets to participate in the festival of flowers, starting today.

Goddess Gauri is worshipped by the women during the festival and is known by the name Bathukamma in the region.


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History of Bathukamma

According to the history of Bathukamma festival it is the grand celebration of nine days during the September to October months every year. This festival remains in practice since many centuries and has gained ample popularity in the whole region. The beginning of this festival is from Mahalaya Amavasya time and its ending come at Durgashtami time. That is why the festival has its causal relation with the Dasara festival as well in the exclusive south Indian style.

Mostly celebrated by women in the Telangana region of India’s Andhra Pradesh state, Bathukamma is an exclusive Hindu festival with active involvement of women for the sake of worshiping women power. Although it is a regional festival but it has the national value and is followed by another festival named Boddemma which is an engagement of total 7-days festival time with active involvement in worships and various types of activities.

The timing for this festival is fixed according to the Hindu lunar calendar of Ashvin or Aswiyuja month which usually falls under the September–October months every year. This festival has the national relevance due to association of the Bathukamma festival with the 9 days of Durga Navratri—another Hindu festival which is common one and very much practiced in almost all parts of the country.


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How to celebrate Bathukamma

During the first five days, women clean their courtyard. The cow dung is then mixed with water and spread throughout as the ground-base. Then it is further decorated with a rangoli which is made of rice flour.

The men collect the flowers of vibrant colours and types for the preparations. There flowers are mainly; Celosia, Senna, Marigold, Lotus, Cucurbita, Cucumis etc. The preparations and decorating the rangoli and other things is folk art and generally, the preparations begin from afternoon.

Names of each day as it are celebrated:

Day 1: Engili pula Bathukamma

Day 2: Atkula Bathukamma

Day 3: Muddapappu Bathukamma

Day 4: Nanabiyyam Bathukamma

Day 5: Atla Bathukamma

Day 6: Aligina Bathukamma

Day 7: Vepakayala Bathukamma

Day 8: Vennamuddala Bathukamma

Day 9: Saddula Bathukamma

The festival is also dedicated to Goddess Parvati as it is believed that Goddess Sati returned as Goddess Parvati. The festival is celebrated with joy and happiness as there are dance performances, music, dramas etc.


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