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Ambedkar Jayanti

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Ambedkar Jayanti' is celebrated on 14th April every year. It is the birthday of Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. He was born on 14 April 1891 in Mhow town of Madhya Pradesh, India. He was the son of Ramji Maloji Sakpal and Bhimabai. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is popularly known as 'Babasaheb'. It would be 126th birthday anniversary celebration in the year 2017 to commemorate his memories. It was a big moment for the people of India when he was born in the year 1891.

Ambedkar became one of the first Dalit (untouchables) to obtain a college education in India. He was an Indian jurist, political leader, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, economist, teacher, editor, prolific writer, revolutionary and a revivalist for Buddhism in India. He became the 1st Law Minister of India. He became the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee. For his contributions, he was awarded with 'Bharat Ratna'.


Why Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated?

Ambedkar Jayanti has been celebrated by the people of India to remember their vast contributions to the poor people of India. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is the father of the Indian Constitution who drafted the constitution of India. In order to eliminate casteism in India as well as following the rule of equality of human beings, for the purpose of rebuilding the Indian society, slogan launched a social movement for the people who slogan "educated-agitation-organized".

In 1930, he led the temple entrance movement for real human rights and political justice in Kalaram temple, Nashik and Maharashtra. He said that political power is not the only way to solve all the problems of the depressed people, they should get equal rights in society in every sphere. He continued his social revolution through Buddhism till the end of his life. That is why we celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti.


How Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated with great passion all over the India including Varanasi, Delhi and other big cities. In Varanasi the event for the birthday anniversary celebration of Dr. Ambedkar is organized by the Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti Samaroh Samiti in Kutchehri areas.

Mass celebrations are held across the country on this day to pay homage to B. R. Ambedkar for his splendid contribution in preparing the Constitution of India. Every year a special event is organised in his honour at the Parliament of India. At the event, prominent leaders pay homage to his statue. The celebrations include activities like dance, painting, debate, dramatics, essay writing, as well as sports.

They organize variety of events like painting, general knowledge quiz competition, debate, dance, essay writing, symposium, sports competition and drama to which many people participate including students from nearby schools.

In order to celebrate this occasion, a big seminar is organized yearly by the Bhartiya Journalists Welfare Association, Lucknow.

Students from junior high school and primary schools make a prabhat pheri in morning and secondary school students take part in the rally at this day. At many places, free health check up camps are also organized in order to provide free of charge check up and medicines to the poor group people.


Contributions of B. R. Ambedkar

1. He worked for the lower group of people to eliminate the social beliefs of untouchability.

2. He organized an organized organization called Hitkarini Sabha, to encourage education for the welfare of socio-economic reforms and the welfare of depressed classes among the untouchables.

3. He was invited by the Congress government to serve as Law Minister for the first time since independence of India on August 15, 1947 and appointed on 29 August 1947 as the "Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee" Where he drafted the new constitution. India which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949.

4. He played his great role in the establishment of the Reserve Bank of India because he was a professional economist.

5. He played his role in planning the Indian economy because he got a degree in economics from abroad.

6. He had opposed Article 370 in the Constitution of India to give special status to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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