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Lotus Temple (Delhi)

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The Lotus temple stands in Delhi. It is also called Bahai Temples. It is a Bahá'í House of Worship. It completed in 1986. All bahai houses are opened to all regardless of religion or any other qualification, lotua Temple is also to all religion. The Lotus Temple property comprises 26 acres. This temple is famous for its design in the World.

It has nine doors. All doors are open in canter hall. In hall 2500 people stand at a time.  That temple won numerous architectural awards and been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. In a report we find that that temple is the most visited place in the world by people.

The architect of Lotus temple was Fariborz Sahba he belonged to Canada. He was approached to design Lotus Temple in 1979. Then the construction of Lotus Temple was completed in 1986. People say after seen that temple its looks like Lotus flower by his shape. That’s why we known this temple as Lotus Temple. But that is half-truth. The real truth is the Lotus flower is symbol of love and purity. That’s why it’s design as a Lotus flower.

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 In the construction of Lotus temple used marble, cement and dolomite. If any one looks that temple on top its looks like half open Lotus flower. The construction of Lotus temple takes 10 year to complete. In the construction of Lotus temple worked about 800 workers. In the team of 800 workers are including engineers, technicians, and workers. Outside of this temple there are nine reflecting pools. In the construction of that temple use white marbles because that colour is increases the beauty of the temple. The height of this temple is 40 meters. 

Lotus temple use the total electricity of 500 kilowatts (KW), 120KW is provided by solar power generated by the building. This saves the temple 120,000 rupees per month. It is the first temple in Delhi to use solar power.

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