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Hampi (Karnataka)

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      Hampi, once a flourishing metropolis of the Vijayanagar Empire, is a very small village in the Northern Karnataka. Hampi exhibits the vast residue of the city of Vijay nagar, also known as the City of Victory. The Vijay nagar Empire extended from the Arabian ocean to the Bay of Bengal and from the Deccan Plateau to the tip of the peninsula. It was manufacture as a showpiece of regal massiveness. The main charms, in Hampi are the temples built by the Vijaynagar Empire. The temperature in Hampi, spectrum from 23 to 38 degree Celsius in summers and 10 to 15 degree Celsius in winters. Hampi can be visited everywhere the year, except from April to June, when it is very hot. Hampi is village of Karnataka State in India. People know that this is the last capital of Vijay nagar .It is situated at bank of Tungabhadra River.                                             

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In hampi there is biggest and notable Hindu temples structured. Some list of temples in Hampi is as given bellow.

1. Malyavanta Raghunatha swamy temple.

2. Virupaksha Temple.

3. Krishna Temple.

4. Hazara Rama Temple.

5. Krishna Temple.

6. Vittala Temple.

Some History about Hampi - Hampi is a village that was last metropolis of vijaynagar and also It is known as biggest Hindu state in india. It has some ruins, intriguingly combine with  major boulders that raise up all over the landscape.The ruins, which date back to the 14th century, stretch for just over 27 kilometres and  include more than 450 monuments. The most striking monument is the Vittala Temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Its main hall has 56 pole that make musical sounds when struck.

Tourist enchantments, in Hampi - The main tourist enchantment, in Hampi are its temples. The different temples in Hampi are Virupaksha Temple, Vittala Temple. The other tourist enchantments in Hampi are Lotus Mahal, Hazara Rama Temple, Queen's Bath and Tungabhadra Dam.

Festivals in Hampi - The Hampi function is held every year in the first week of November. Music and dance program, drama, fireworks, puppet shows and spectacular processions are a part of this festival. This function is unified by the Karnataka state government in order to propitiate the prosperity, of the archaic Vijayanagar Empire. The artists from every part of India gather here to take part and enjoy the festival.

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