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Charminar (Hyderabad)

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History of Charminar-

The Charminar is includes in top 10 historical places of India. Charminar is most famous and likeable Historical monument of Hyderabad. Mohammed Quli Qutab Shah built this famous place to mark the end of plague in 1591. charminar name is a translation of two words & quot; char & quot; and "minar" which is four towers.

Structure of charminar-

After shifting his capital from golkunda to Hyderabad he built this Amazing structure of charminar. charminar because of this landmark it became a global icon of Hyderabad. Charminar is raise in Islamic architecture. It is a signature of subscription architecture. Pulverised marble, limestone, mortar and granite are used in structure of Charminar. charminar has a square structure of 20 * 20 meter size.

Charminar contains four arches each of them opens in four roads.  And because of these four impressive arches it is named charminar. If you want to reach to upper floor then there are 149 winding steps for reach to upper floor.

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In the evening, with light, the exalted Charminar looks even greater. It is in the bustling market around the Charminar that you find the stuffy, nahari stalls and kulchas of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of those few cities, which have a fine combination of modernity and tradition.

The Charminar has four impressive arches, which face the four main sides. A row of small vaulted niches ornament each of the four arches. The Char Minar is a two-storied construction with the first floor being covered. The balconies on this floor provide a great view of the surrounding areas. A small mosque adorns the toping floor of the Charminar. This mosque is situated on the western side of the Charminar facing Mecca, the pure/ holy city of the Muslims. This mosque is said to be the longstanding surviving mosque in Hyderabad city. Charminar, the hub of Hyderabad city, has four wide roads going in each side. The Charminar is square in structure,each side measuring 100 feet, with a central pointed high arch at the centre.

Some Interesting Information about Charminar:-

 1. Each arc was established in 1889.

 2. With a stone balcony acts like a ceiling, a ceiling over the two galleries.

 3. It was the result of Mohammed Md. Quli Qutb made a secret promise.

 4, Charminar Minarets get more popularity due to its amazing four minarets.

 5. The mosque is available on the first floor of the monument.

 6. It is a four-storey Building.

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