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Brihadishwara Temple (Thanjavur)

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Brihadishwara Temple also called Periya Koyil or largest Temple is one of the India’s major temples located in the Thanjavur at the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Rajarajeswaram temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the best temple construction by Cholas along with Airavatesvara Temple. Brihadishwara Temple and Airavatesvara Temple are two World Heritage in Tamil nadu, India.

Arulmozhivarman, a Tamil monarch who was popular as Raja raja Chola I laid out foundations of Brihadeeswarar Temple during 1002 CE. It was first among other great building projects by Tamil Chola. Main purpose of construction this temple was to grace throne of Chola monarchy with compliance of one command Raja raja Chola I receive in a dreams. Prosperity and dimension is in Chola conference A symmetrical and axial geometry rules layout of this temple. Temples from same period and two following centuries are expressions of Tamils Chola power, artistic expertise and wealth. highlight of these types of features, such as multifaceted columns along with projecting signals of square capitals unfold arrival of Chola style, which was new at that moment.


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Facts about the Temple

Beliefs Brihadeeswarar Temple’s construction was like one royal temple for demonstrate emperor’s vision for relationship and power to universal order. This temple was one site of Elementary royal festival, such as anointing emperor and to link emperor with Shiva, its deity and deity’s daily rituals was a mirror of those by king. It is one architectural exemplar, which showcases real form of Dravida kind of architecture in temples and is a representative of ideology of Chola monarchy and Southern India’s Tamil civilization. Brihadeeswarar Temple “testifies to Chola’s brilliant achievements in architecture, painting, bronze molding and sculpture.”


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A visit to temple has political ruinous conclusion that have been seen many times through various events that have happened. The main bad effect has been linked to King Rajaraja. The other bad stranglehold was also seen on former Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1984 when she was murder by her bodyguards in month of October and another bad event happened was when M G Ramachandran, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister had an ill luck stroke in the same year. Karunanidhi during his visit to temple after the fire accident made entry through side entry of temple but yet denied his belief on taboo that has been detail about temple visit by the politicians and mentioned that it was just the process followed by police officials for security reasons. His exit was also planned from same pathway. He described rather he has gained political importance after his visit to temple.


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