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Part-A before school

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1. WAKE UP ON TIME-  Waking up on time is the basis for your entire schedule, so it is important to get up at the same time to start your day. Consider how much time you need in the morning to get ready for school and set your alarm accordingly. You may want to add some surplus time in case something comes up that was not planned for.

                                                                            school-chalao-part1 before school image1

2. EXERCISE - Do some interesting exercise which give u energy and give happiness.

3. EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you the energy to make it to lunch, or in some cases, the end of school. It is important you get the servings you need of calories, carbohydrates, and proteins.

                                                                     school-chalao-part1 before school image2

3. GET READY YOURSELF FOR SCHOOL- This includes getting dressed and practicing good hygiene. Make sure you are clean, well fed, and ready to learn in a school environment.

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4. pack up your bag- Include anything you'll need throughout the day to avoid any problems in your routine. Consider making an easily-accessible checklist to be sure you won't forget anything.

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