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introduction and benefits of healthy routines


If a child started his day with a healthy routine his day is very good. In the healthy routine we includes wake up on time, fresh n up, Exercise, brushing, bathing, breakfast, go to school and work good behaviour in class, healthy lunch, rest, homework, healthy snacks , helps our elders, go for a walk, yoga, healthy dinner, and sleep on fix time.

Benefits of healthy routine:-

  1.  Routine helps every one. We create a list our mind about our whole work day. If we start our day with a routine we don’t have any stress about what we do next.

2. Without a routine every one struggles with daily problem. Like late for anything, time waste on thinking that what I do now, etc.

3. Regular routines help kids get on a schedule, so that they fall asleep more easily at night.

4. Kids learn look forward.

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