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good habit

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Good habits are very important to everyone mostly for kids. Learning good habits and manners will develop personality qualities from early childhood education stage and helping children to be a smart person in future.

Good habit:-

1. Remember to go to bed on time. It will make you waken early morning.

2. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day.

3. Remember to bath every day. It will keep you clean and fresh.

4. Trim your nails often.

5. Wash your hands before and after eat.

6. Save water and electricity.

7. Do not eat too many snacks between meals.

8. Do your work yourself.

9. Be willing to help people in need.

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10. Help Mummy and Daddy with housework.

11. Take good care of your things.

12. Remember to put your things away after using them.

13. Honesty is the best policy; tell the truth at all times.

14. Do not sit too close while watching television.

15. Finish your homework before you go out to play.

16. Do not throw your litter on the ground; place it in the rubbish bins.

17. Do not pester Mummy or Daddy to buy things.

18. Learn to save your pocket money.

19. Learn to take care of public properties.

Good manners:-

1. Always knock before you enter.

2. Do not make too much noise in public places.

3. Do not fight with each other.

4. Always queue up when you have to wait for your turn.

5. Do not snatch other people’s things.

6. Invite your guests to sit when they visit you.

7. Greet your neighbours when you see them.

8. When you are leaving, say “Good bye”.

9. When you knock into somebody by accident say “Sorry”.

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10. When you receive gifts from others, say “Thank you”.

11.  When you need help from others, say “please”.

12. Do not make fun others.

13. Always ask for permission before taking other people’s things.

14. Do not talk your mouth full.

15. Do not interrupt when others are speaking.

16. Cover your mouth with a handkerchief when you sneeze.

17. Listen attentively when others are speaking to you.

18. Wish your parents “Good night” before you go to bed.

19. Greet your teachers “Good afternoon” when you see them in the afternoon.

20. Greet your Parents “Good morning” When you see them in the morning.

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