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introduction of healthy food


All living being need energy to do work. We work, study and play for which we need energy. Food is very important for us. All of us do different types of activities. For doing every activity we need energy. This energy comes from the food we eat. Here are some features of food:-

  • Food gives us energy
  • Food helps us to grow
  • It keeps us fit and healthy
  • It makes our bones and muscles strong.

Food can be categorizing into three groups:

  1. Energy-giving foods
  2. Body-building foods
  3. Protective foods

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Energy-giving food- The food items which give us energy to work and play are called ENERGY GIVING FOOD. Rice, potato, butter, cheese, wheat, bread and sugar etc.  Are grouped in this category. They give us energy to do different type of activities.

Body-building foods- Some food items help us to grow and build our body. They are called BODY BUILDING FOOD. They build up our bones and muscles. Pulses, milk, grains, eggs, meat, fish and milk products etc. help in our growth and maintenance of our body. These foods are rich in proteins.

Protective foods- : Some food items protect us from diseases. They are called protective foods. Fruits and vegetables are grouped in this category. These foods contain vitamins and minerals.

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Components of food: The food was eating contains different substances that keep our body fit and healthy. These substances are called nutrients. Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are nutrients.

Carbohydrates: Children and people, who do physical work, need a lot of energy. So they need more carbohydrates. Rice, wheat, potato, maize and sugarcane are rich in carbohydrates. Sugar and starch are two types of carbohydrates.

Fats: These are the richest source of energy. They give us more heat and energy than carbohydrates. Fats also helps to keep are body warm. Ghee, butter, cooking oil and nuts are rich in fats.

PROTEINS- They helps us to grow. They also help us repaired damaged tissues in the body. Growing children need lots of proteins. Fish, meat, eggs, cereals, pulses, beans, soyabeans are rich in proteins.

Vitamins and Minerals: Vitamins help our body to fight against diseases. Minerals help us to build strong bones, teeth and healthy blood. We need these in sufficient quantity. Fish, meat, eggs and sprouted beans are rich in vitamins. Milk, fresh vegetables, cereals and fruits give us minerals.

Other components: Roughage and water are also important for body, Roughage are food items that contain fibres. It helps us to remove waste material from the body. Water helps us in digestion. Most of our body weight is due to the presence of water.

BALANCED DIET- The food that we eat every day is called our diet. A diet that contains all the nutrients in correct proportion is called balanced diet. For good health and proper growth, it is very important to have a balance diet. All types’ of food that is discussed above should be eaten in proper amount as they contain different nutrients. The diet that contains food items from all the three groups in proper amount is called a balance diet. We must always take a balanced diet to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

                                                              HEALTHY FOODS HABITS

 There are some good food habits that we must follow to stay healthy.

1. We should always wash our hands before and after meal.

2. The food we eat should be fresh and clean.

3. Food should always be kept covered. This keeps the dust and flies away.

4. We should chew our food well.

5. We should always eat slowly.

6. We should not talk while eating.

7. We should wash vegetables and fruits before eating or cooking them.

8. Do not overeat.

9. Rinse your mouth after eating anything.


Our body need water. Water helps us to digest the food. It is necessary for all body functions. We should drink at least six-eight glasses of water every day. Humans are made up of 70% of water.


Age group

Amount of fluid from drinks
and food (litres/day)1

Amount of fluid from drinks
only (litres/day)2

Boys and girls

4 to 8 years      




9 to 13 years




9 to 13 years




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Water helps our body in many ways:

1. It carries nutrients to cells.

2. It helps to remove waste products from our major organs.

3. It helps us to control our body temperature.

4. Drinking a large amount of water could help prevent heart attacks.

5. Water provides the brain much needed oxygen to perform at optimum levels.

6. Soft drinks are becoming increasingly more expensive at restaurants; drinking water can be a cheap alternative.

7. Drinking water has the ability to increase your metabolic rate, thus helping your body’s ability to burn fat.

8. Dehydration is a huge cause of fatigue; drinking water can keep you alert and active during the day.



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