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healthy dinner


The main meal of the day, taken either around midday or in the evening is called dinner. Dinner usually refers to the most significant and important meal of the day, which can be the noon or the evening meal.

You’ve probably heard that having dinner together as a family is a good thing for kids, but you may not realize that it could change kid’s life. Maybe because dinner transforms individual family members into a "group," which gives parents more clout to rival the power of the peer group.


Importance of family dinner:- We should take our dinner with family.

1. 9 to 14 years old children who ate dinner with their families most frequently ate more fruits and vegetables and less soda and fried foods. Their diets also had higher amounts of many key nutrients, like calcium, iron, and fibre.

2. A family meal is the perfect opportunity for parents to expose children to different foods and expand their tastes.

3. Eating out can be convenient but it’s also caloric—portion sizes in restaurants just keep growing! The average restaurant meal has as much as 60% more calories than a homemade meal.

4. Kids who eat with their families frequently are less likely to get depressed, consider suicide, and develop an eating disorder.

5. Eating family dinners at least five times a week drastically lowers a teen’s chance of smoking, drinking, and using drugs.

6. If you have a demanding job, finding time to eat with your family may actually leave you feeling less stressed.

7. Turn off the TV and mobile phones, set the table, pour glasses of milk and get the conversation going.

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What should a child eat at dinner?

* Kids are more likely to eat what they help plan and prepare. This also builds self-confidence and life-skills.

* A healthy, balanced dinner doesn't have to be complicated. Kids tend to like simple, basic favourites.

* Include nutrient-rich foods from all five food groups on the table, but let your child choose what and how much to eat.

* Take up to 15 times for a child to accept a new food, so mix new items with old favourites so there's always something on the table your child will enjoy eating.

Sample Menu #1

* Toor dal (arhar dal)

* Green beans with Peas

* Plain rice

* Raita

* Ginger relish

* Rotis

Sample Menu #2

* Sprouted moong salad

* Matar paneer

* Aloo gobi

* Plain yogurt with salt and dry roasted cumin powder

* Plain parathas

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Sample Menu #3

* Moong dal with spinach

* Bhindi masala

* Cabbage with peas

* Plain rice

* Roti

Sample Menu #4

* Aloo paratha

* Plain yogurt

* Tomato chutney

Other menu:-

* Vegetable Curry with plain rice and or Roti

* Pinch Pastas and Vegetable Soup

* Mixed Dal, Gajar Mattar, or Aloo Methi, Plain rice and Roti or Paratha

* Rajma and plain rice.

* Besan Puda (This is a super simple recipe that is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner)

All this food is very tasty and healthy for everyone.





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