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Name- Shivaji Bhonsle

DOB- 19 February 1930

Place- Junnar, Pune 

Known as- 1st Chhatrapati of the Maratha Realm

Father- Shahaji Bhonsle

Mother- Jijabai

Death- 3 April 1680 (Raigad)


About Shivaji-


Shivaji was such a hero. He also has known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Shivaji. Chhatrapati Shivaji was born on 19 February 1930. He was son of Jijabai and Shahaji Bhonsle. He was ruled 17 on many forts at the age of 17. He was became king in 1674. Shivaji’s father was a small Jagirdar. His mother Jijabai infused in him the burning love for his motherland. Shivaji was a fearless kind solider and brave.


                                                                                    school-chalao-shivaji image1


That’s why he is called the “Defender of the Hindu religion.” Shivaji was very promising, shrewd, intelligent and patriotic right from his childhood. He could not tolerate the tyranny of Muslim rule. That why Shivaji collected some Jagirdars, chieftains and other in order to free his countrymen from the oppression. Shivaji was conquered on Bijapur and other Mughal territories that is not tolerate by Aurangzab.  Aurangzab sent Shaista Khan to fight with Shivaji. Shivaji was defeat to Shaista. Afzal khan wants to kill Shivaji but Shivaji was killed him. Aurangzeb once made Shivaji a prisoner in Delhi, but he was free with the help of jail guards in a basket of sweets. Whenever Shivaji win the battle grabbed he was distributed equally among the poor people. In his battle he never touches any women, old person and child. Shivaji was generous and secular.

“He was born to safe his motherland” this is said about Shivaji. He fights many battle in his life and won them. That’s why he was the first person who ruled on almost all of India. Jijabai (mother of Shivaji) arranged shivaji’s marriage with Saibai in their childhood on 16 May 1640 at Lal Mahal, Pune. Soon his father arranged his second marriage with Tukabai. In his life Shivaji got 6 time marriage (including Saibai and tukabai). He had two sons and four daughters.


                                                                                 school-chalao-shivaji image2



Shivaji fall in fever and dysentery in March 1680, because of fever and dysentery Shivaji were died on 3 April 1680. After the death of Shivaji the next king was Rajaram (10 years old) son of his second wife.


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