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Chandragupta Maurya

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Name- Chandragupta Maurya

DOB- 340 BCE

Birth place- Pataliputra (Now in Bihar)

Father- Sarvarthasiddhi Maurya

Mother- Mura Maurya

Known As- 1st Mauryan emperor

Death- 297 BCE (Between 41-42)


About Chandragupta Maurya-


Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of the Maurya Empire and he was also first emperor to unify north and south west of present-day India into one state. He is an ancient Indian king. There is not much information about his childhood. He was born in 340BCE and his mother name was Mura. According to some source the Maurya came from his mother name Mura. Chandragupta is mentioned in the Greek texts as Sandrokyptos, Sandrokottos and Androcottus. He was the grandfather of Ashoka.


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In 325 BC he started a war of independence from Greek rule and in 323 BC he achieved victory. After this victory he becomes connected with Chanakya. After that they collected an army from Punjab and started invading Magadha on the frontiers.  He decided to conquer the Nanda Dynasty, rulers at the time of the Gangetic Plain. He fought the empire for eleven years with successful guerrilla campaigns, and captured the Nanda capital of Pataliputra. This led to the fall of the empire and the eventual creation of the Maurya Empire under Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta was great warrior and leader from his childhood. His abilities were first identified by the famous teacher Chanakya. He taught Chandragupta different lessons on politics and war. Later with the help of Chanakya, he established Maurya Empire defeating Dhana Nanda of Nanda Empire when he was 20 years old. Chandragupta with the help of Chanakya established a strong central administration patterned empire. His empire was one of the highly organized bureaucratic structures with a large civil service.  

He got two marriages in his life. He got first marriage with Durdhara. According to many people Durdhara to be Dhana Nanda’s daughter. So she also had known as Chandra Nandni. She was the mother of his only son Bindusar. After the Chandragupta, Bindusar was become the king of Maurya. According to the text and documents, Durdhara ate poisonous food meant for Chandragupta Maurya when she was nine month pregnant. The poison took her life but before her pulses could stop, Acharya Chanakya could save the child in her womb in what we may call as the first caesarean operation.


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He got second marriage to Helena (Helen). She was Greek. She was Seleucus Nicator’s daughter whom Chandragupt Maurya had defeated in a war. Post the war, Chandragupta Maurya married Helena. This marriage was a strategic alliance between the two states.

After marriage he accepted Jainism and made saint Bhadrabahu his guru. At the age of 42 to he gave his kingdom to his only son Bindusar.  He travelled to the southern india and meditated without eating and drinking that’s why he was died when he was 43 years old


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