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Ashoka Maurya

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Name- Ashoka Maurya

DOB- August 304 BC (Pataliputra)

Father- Bindusara

Mother- Subhadrangi

Died- 232 BC (Pataliputra)


About Ashoka-


Ashoka was a great warrior. He was belong to Maurya Dynasty. He ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent from 268 to 232 BCE (41 years). Ashoka had been a very successful Viceroy first at Takhshila and then at Ujjain. We know much about his kingdom and rein from his rock edicts and pillar inscriptions spread all over the country. Ashoka was the first king to educate his men and lead them to the path of truth. He was the grandson of Chandra Gupta Maurya who founded the Maurya Empire and his father was Bindusara. Ashoka was makes ‘Patliputra” as the capital of Magadh. When he was child he was very furious but then he became younger he was complete change in his nature. Year 262 B.C., he was decided to make an attack on the king­dom of Kalinga (now called Orissa). He fought a bloody war after a great slaughter of men, women and children; he wins Kalinga and added it to his empire. In this battle about 1,00,000 soldiers were lost their life. After his conquest, Ashoka, while walking through the grounds, was moved by the number of bodies and the wails of the families of the dead. After his conquest, Ashoka, while walking through the grounds, was moved by the number of bodies and the wails of the families of the dead. After seen this he thinks what I done?


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But Ashoka had not the cruel heart of a conqueror. He made Buddhism the state religion. He decided to establish the empire on the basis of love, order and peace. Ashoka established hospitals for men and animals. Ashoka adopted Buddhism soon. After adopting he gave massage to everyone of love, peace and kindness that Buddha taught. He built many universities, water transit and irrigation systems for trade and agriculture.


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Ashoka got 5 time marriage. He got first time married to Maharani Devi when he was 18 years old he fall in love with Maharani Devi. Maharani Devi did not belong to any royal family. Devi was the mother of Ashoka’s first son Mahinda who was born two years after their marriage in the year 285CE when Ashoka was 20 years old. Ashoka got second married to Rani Kaurwaki. She was a daughter of fisherman. They live in Kalinga (present day Orissa). Ashoka came to Kalinga where he fell in love with Kaurwaki and even married her. She became the mother of Ashoka’s second child. He got third marriage to Rani Padmavati. She belongs to a royal family. He got fourth marriage to Asandhimitra.  Ashoka’s fourth marriage was an imperial decision after he became the third Samrat of the Mauryan dynasty. He got fifth and last marriage to Tishyaraksha. Tishyaraksha was attracted Ashoka by her charm, dance and beauty. Tishyaraksha was attracted to Ashoka’s son Kunala – the presumed heir to the Magadh throne. Ashoka made her his concubine and even promoted Tishyaraksha to the position of Chief Queen.


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After 40 years of rule Ashoka breathed his last in 232 BC when he was 72 years old. Ashoka was the last of the great kings of the Mauryan dynasty, which fell apart fifty years later.

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