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How to First Aid of Asthma

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Asthma attack:-

An asthma attack can quickly become an asthma emergency, but if you take quick action, you can reduce the risk of an asthma emergency.

If you or a family member has asthma, you should prepare an asthma action plan with the help of your doctor.


First aid for an asthma emergency:-

  • prescribe the correct medication [link to asthma medication doc]
  • help you to develop a plan to manage your asthma
  • Provide you with an action plan for asthma attacks.


The signs of an asthma emergency include when the person:-

  • finds it very difficult to breathe (gasping for air)
  • Is unable to speak comfortably or if their lips are turning blue
  • has symptoms that get worse very quickly
  • Is getting little or no relief from their reliever inhaler.
  • In asthma emergencies, follow your asthma action plan.


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To use asthma first aid:-

  • sit the person upright
  • Give two puffs of reliever medication (one at a time), taking four breaths for each puff. Use a spacer if one is available
  • wait four minutes – if the person still cannot breathe normally, give four more puffs
  • If there is still no improvement, call for an ambulance. Tell the operator that someone is having an asthma emergency
  • Continue to give four separate puffs of reliever medication, taking four breaths for each puff, every four minutes until the ambulance arrives.


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