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Class 12th CBSE 2015 Physics Paper Set 1

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Class-12th CBSE
Subject-Physics Set 1

Here is some questions:-

1. Define capacitor reactance. Write its S.I. units.
1. A proton and an α-particle have the same de-Broglie wavelength. Determine the ratio of (i) their accelerating potentials (ii) their speeds.
1. Name the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum which is
 (a) suitable for radar systems used in aircraft navigation.
Section – D
1. A group of students while coming from the school noticed a box marked “Danger H.T. 2200 V” at a substation in the main street.......
Answer the following questions :
 (i) What device is used to bring the high voltage down to low voltage of a.c. current
and what is the principle of its working ?

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Download School chalao physics cbse 2015 set 1.pdf


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