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CBSE Class 10 English Lang and Lit Paper 2019



1.Read the passage given below and

answer the questions that follow :

.1Keep your watch accurate. For some people, moving up the time on their watch will help them get up earlier. For others, they will remember that the time on the watch is wrong and will disregard it altogether. It may be helpful to set your watch just two minutes ahead instead of five or ten.

2Keep a clock, phone, computer or anything that displays time in each room of your house. One of the easiest ways to runlate is simply by not realising that the time is passing as quickly as it is.

3Set all your clocks and watches to the same time. Don’t be an optimist. Things usually take longer than what you’d expect, even without major delays. If you have a dinner appointment at 7·30 p.m., don’t think you can work till 7 p.m., then take a bath,dress and reach on time. Realistically, calculate the time you will take ateach step and then add 10 minutes more to allow for unexpected delays, or you cannot get to your job in time.4Wake up when you are supposed to wake up. Don’t hit the snooze button, keep on lying in bed, and watch TV at the very start of your day. Maybe try even setting your clock 10 minutes earlier than you need. If you have difficulty with this, move your alarm clock to somewhere away from your bed; that way, you have to get uptoturn it off. Commit yourself to being 15 minutes early for everything. If you have to reach your place of work at 8·00, don’t even tell yourself this. Just tell yourself (and everyone else who listens —but don’t annoy them or make them think that they are late or early!) ‘‘I have to be at work at 7·45.’’ If you do this, you will be on time even with little unforeseen delays. You will be on time even with a traffic jam.1.1Complete the following statements using words/phrases from the passage. Attempt any eight.18=8

(a)Some people believe that if ______ it will help them be earlier. (b)Many others know ___________ they disregard it altogether. (c)Keep ___________ in each room. (d)One of the things that can be done is ________ of five or ten minutes. (e)Many a time we do not realise that ___________ .(f)Instead of pressing the snooze button ___________ . (g)If you have difficulty in getting up ___________. (h)It is a good habit to ________ somewhere away from your bed. (i)It is good to commit yourself __________ for everything.


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