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How to Improve Relationship With Child

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Listen Carefully

Everyone wants to feel like they're being listened to and heard. Your kids will know that you love them when you show interest in them. One way to show that is to talk to them. Sit with them on their bed, on the floor or at the table and talk with them. Ask lots of questions to get to know what they're thinking, and what's happening in their hearts. This will help with problem solving as well as make the child feel like their parents understand them better.


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Play with them

Children like to play and having their parents in on the action makes it all the more fun. But it's not all fun and games when it comes to reason why parents should play with their kids. Psychology reports that there are significant benefits such as learning social skills and bonding with the parent. So have tea parties with your younger children, go on bike rides or play football with your older ones, or even just sit and chat while you’re making dinner after work without either of you being on your phones.


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Work together

Children imitate their parents and therefore are highly motivated to work. Your child wants to be just like you, so working together builds not only your relationship, but also confidence and competence. Making things together cooking, baking, cleaning, washing dishes, setting the table are both bonding activities and a lot of fun. Simple activities, whether inside or outside, that have a work ethic can make your child feel that she is growing up to be just like you.


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Institute Family Game Night

Purchase board games, puzzles, DVD games and other games that fit your family's personality. Plan to play them with the entire family once a week. If your kids are old enough, have them plan the night. You can encourage them to choose the games, as well as the snacks or desserts for that night. Doing this once a week allows all of you to relax and have fun together, and that will have a direct impact on your relationship.


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Validate Their Feelings

When listening to your child talk about their emotions, Psychology points out those validating feelings helps children feel understood. It leads to better conversation and more problem solving as well, which makes the child feel like their parent is really on their side. Children are so sensitive, feel their feeling. When you think something nice about someone, you should tell them especially if that someone is your child. Everyone wants to hear that they are appreciated, loved, and good at something. Make an effort to point out the good things your kids are doing and watch that smile creep across their face.


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Be A Team

When tough situations pop up, solve problems together. This means instead of just telling your child what to do, ask for their opinion and make them feel like they have a sense of independence when facing hard decisions.


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