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How to Improve Child's Emotional Attachment

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 Emotional attachment refers to the feeling of attachment between parents, teachers and children. If the emotional attachment is stronger, then the children will openly share their thoughts and ideas with their parents and teachers and will share every kind of problem, so that children get all kinds of solutions and a right direction. Children's relation stronger with their teacher and parents. Now, if the attachment or emotion of the children is not associated with their parents and teachers, then the children do not share any kind of thought, feeling or ideas nor any kind of problem, because of which they take the wrong decesion in their life. Due to which even a small mistake can spoil their career. So children and teachers and parents should keep emotional attachments to each other so that their things do not get spoiled. There are some points that can be taken into consideration to improve children's emotional attachment.


1.Give children time and understand their problem :- It is very important for the parents and teachers to give time to the children and observe them  to understand and solve their problem so that the distance between the child and the parents gets reduced and in the same way, children should also share their problem, which increases the emotional attachment of each other. Now instead of this if children and parents or teachers do not give time to each other, then  there is no feeling or problem can share. Due to which there is a distance between each other and relation will be not good and  emotional attachment also gradually decreases.



2. Do something that you all can be happy :- It is important for children to keep their parents and teachers happy as teachers teach skills and parents teach values. They support children in every way and help them physically and mentally in making their future, which bring them closer to each other along with this, parents and teachers should also try to keep the children happy because children do not have enough knowledge to understand everything well so instead of scolding the children, explain them in a loving manner so that the relation of you and the children becomes good and emotional attachment too and if you do not keep each other happy, then the distance between each other starts increasing, due to which the emotional attachment to each other will end.




3. Children,teachers and parents understand each other's value :- Children, teachers and parents should tell each other the value so that everyone can understand well that everyone has their importance. due to which everyone will have respect towards each other and that things slowly try to connect them together, due to which the bond of each other increases  and emotional attachment also improves and if you all do not understand each other's value then each other will not be respected and when there is no respect, there is an unheard of thing, due to which the relationship starts to deteriorate and both relation and emotional attachment are not able to remain. So everyone should try to keep each other happy and understand the value.



4. Do not compare children with anyone :- You all know that every child is special and unique and every child has different quality. Therefore, do not compare children to each other, because if you compare children with each other, then children start to think themselves weak and the quality that is inside them, they cannot get them out neither can tell about any kind of capacity or quality due to which the distance between you and the children starts to form, so do not compare the children so that your emotional attachment remains good with them.



5. Explain the cause and effect of every circumstance in life :- Many times we see that children are not able to handle any situation, due to which they often choose Rong Direction. Therefore, tell the children the way to fight and overcome every kind of situation so that children understand the difference, cause and effect of every situation in life due to which the trust of the children increases and when the trust increases, then the emotional attachment of all of you with the children also increases. Now instead of this, if the children do not know the cause and effect of the situation, then the children can take wrong steps in such a situation, due to which their career may also be spoiled. Therefore, keep in touch with children so that emotional attachment can be improved.



6. Do not set children's limits Explain them in a manner :- Many times, we see that the parents set their children limits, due to which the children are unable to take out their capacity or quality, thinking themselves to be weak and unable to do anything. So do not set the limits of children and help them or try to improve their capacity or quality in the right way. So the children's relation gets better with their parents and the emotional attachment of each other increases.



7. Make children aware of social things :- To improve emotional attachment, increase social awareness in children so that children know the causes and effects of customs in the society. So that children understand the difference between right and wrong things and by explaining the specific reasons for obeying them, children get complete information about society and culture. Because of which good relations are formed with each other and instead when the children are not fully aware, then they do not obey the laws of society nor any other things which cause bad feelings of parents and children for each other or deterioration, which also reduces emotional attachment.



8. Let children decide :- Often we see that the interest of children is for some other field but the parents want to do something else of their own free will, which creates a distance between each other and emotional attachments are about to end. If instead, according to the wishes of the children or according to their interest, let them take decisions, then there is an increase in children's attachment and respect to the parents . Due to which children start increasing the emotion for their parents.



9. Calmly explain to children even in a state of anger :- The more you explain to children with love, the more attachment of children begins to grow. Instead, it often happens that if parents get angry at children due to problems in their personal life, then the children get scared there. Due to which the distance between the children and parents increases. If instead of  this trying to calm down and convince the children, then the children also understand well and love also increases among each other, due to which the emotional attachment of children and parents starts increasing.




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