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Amancio Ortega

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Amancio Ortega is the Fourth richest person in the world. He was born on 28 March 1936 in Busdongo de Arbas, Spain.  His father is Antonio Ortega Rodríguez. He is the railway worker. He spent his childhood in Spain. When he was 14 years old he moved to A Coruna with his family. When he was 14 years old he left his high school.  His mother is Josefina Gaona Hernández. She is a house wife.

He is currently the richest person in Europe. In 1975, he opened his first Zara store with his wife Rosalía Mera, so called because his preferred name Zorba was already taken. His wife is the 59.26% shareholder of of the ZARA group. Ortega wears a blue blazer, gray pants and white shirt to work every day.

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With all the success, Ortega has not forgotten his roots. He is renowned for avoiding interviews and publicity. In fact, till 1999, most media outlets had not even published Ortega’s photograph. Although Ortega guards his personal life ferociously and rarely gives interviews, people do know a little bit about this Spanish billionaire. Today ZARA had over 6,000 stores includes the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, Zara Home, Kiddy's Class, Tempe, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear, Bershka and has more than 92,000 employees.

When he made a public appearance in 2000 as part of the warm-up prior to his company's initial public offering on the stock market in 2001, it made headlines in the Spanish financial press. However, he has only ever granted interviews to three journalist and his secrecy has led to the publication of books, such as Amancio Ortega: de cero a Zara.

He's the largest shareholder of the Inditex group and after he retired from his post as Chairman of the company, Pablo Isla took his place as the CEO and Chairman. He is still a board member of the Inditex group.

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