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Terms Of Baseball

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Given below is a list of some frequently used terms in baseball −

  • Around the Horn − The runner who runs from the third base, to the second and then to the first is said to have run ‘Around the Horn’.
  • Backdoor Slider − If a pitch that seems to be a ‘ball’ lands on the plate, it is called a backdoor slider.
  • Balk − The pitcher may trick runners as if he is pitching to make them advance to the next base. This is illegal in a game.
  • Baltimore Chop − A popular hit named after the Baltimore Orioles, where the batsman strikes in such a way that the ball bounces high off from the home plate and the batsman gets a chance to make a single.
  • Base Hit − The batsman strikes in such a way that the ball reaches at least the first base without any error.
  • Box Score − Runs scored and other information of innings is presented by checking a series of relevant boxes. The score board is called the Box Score.
  • Brush-back − Sometimes the ball that is pitched comes close to the batsman, but the batsman narrowly escapes getting hurt. Such a pitched ball is called a brush-back.
  • Circus Catch − The outfielder might dive, jump or skid to catch a ball, such a tough catch is called a Circus Catch.
  • Bunt − If the ball hits the bat in the infield though it is not pitched at it, it is called a Bunt.
  • Called Game − If the umpire temporarily stops the game for some reason, then the game is said to have been ‘Called’.
  • Change Up − Sometimes the batsman might be tricked to believe a slow ball to be a fast one. Then the ball is said to have ‘Changed Up’.
  • Force Play − The batsman starts running, so the next baseman is forced to advance. Forcing a runner to advance is called ‘Force Play’.
  • Texas Leaguer − The ball that lands on the ground between an infielder and an outfielder is called a Texas Leaguer.
  • Chin Music − The ball that comes close to the batsman’s face and sometimes might hurt his face is called Chin Music.
  • Cycle or Natural Cycle − If a batsman scores a single, double, triple, and a home run in the same game, he/she is said to have finished a Cycle.
  • Donut − A donut shaped weight is attached to the bat to practice during warm up.
  • Ground Rule Double − If the ball that was hit bounces and flies beyond the wall or fence, runners on bases can advance by two bases.
  • Designated Hitter − A Non-field player is called a designated hitter if he has to bat from the pitcher's position.
  • Double Header − A team is said to be a Double Header if it plays two games continuously.
  • Fielder's Choice − When a fielder, for some reason, chooses to throw the ball to a base the batter is not running towards, it is called the Fielder’s Choice.
  • Fireman − The relief pitcher that closes out the game.
  • Infield Fly − A batsman hits the ball in such a way that it flies in the infield and can be easily caught by an infielder.
  • Intentional Walk − A batsman might be forced to advance to the first base; intentionally, by pitching four times.
  • Line Drive − It is a kind of hit that drives the ball straight to a fielder.
  • Left On Base − If the bases are loaded despite three outs, the runners are said to be ‘Left on Base’.
  • Mendoza Line − Named after the legendary shortstop Mario Mendoza, it indicates a batting average of over 200.
  • Passed Ball − The ball sometimes escapes from the catcher and gives runners a chance to advance to next base.
  • Perfect Game − The game is considered perfect if the pitcher could prevent every batsman from advancing to first base.
  • Pick Off − To tag a base runner and prevent him from scoring a run, the pitcher throws the ball to a fielder. The throw is called a ‘Pick Off’.
  • Pull Hitter − A Hitter is called a pull hitter if he drives the ball towards the batting side of the field.
  • Sacrifice Bunt − The ball is carefully tapped to put out a batsman by forcing a base runner to advance.
  • Sacrifice Fly − The runner scores a point but the fly ball lands in a catch.
  • Save − A relief pitcher is credited with a ‘Save’ if three or more innings are pitched without a tie game or if the team leads even when the opponent is tying or winning runs on base.
  • Wheelhouse − The power zone or sweet sport of a hitter.
  • Can of Corn − The ball sometimes is shot in such a way that the outfielder can catch it easily without moving from his position. Such an easy fly-ball catch is called a Can of Corn.
  • Run Batter In (RBI) − A player earns credits for helping his teammates in scoring points while up to bat. Such a record is called RBI.
  • Grounder or Ground ball − A batsman hits a Ground ball when it bounces off the ground or rolls in the infield.


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