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The Hijacking Of Indian Airlines Flight IC-814, 1999

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Date: Friday, 24 December 1999 – 31 December 1999

Place: Kandahar Airport (KDH) (   Afghanistan)

Site: Hijacked in Indian airspace

Passengers: 176


Fatalities1 (Rupan Katyal)

Injuries (non-fatal): 17

Survivors: 190

Aircraft type: Airbus A300B2-101

Operator: Indian Airlines

Registration: VT-EDW

C/N / msn: 036

Flight origin: Tribhuvan International Airport Kathmandu, Nepal

DestinationIndira Gandhi International Airport Delhi, India

New Delhi:  India was celebrating its last Christmas Eve of the millenary when the news came in of the hijacking.

Indian Airlines flight IC-814 on its way back to Delhi from Kathmandu, half an hour after takeoff on December 24, 1999, was taken over by five Pakistani hijackers with 180 traveller and crew on board. About 30 minutes takeoff a traveller armed with a pistol stood up and announced that the plane was being hijacked. Four other mens wearing out red masks then stood up and took positions throughout the plane. The hijackers demanded to be fly away to Lahore, Pakistan. Authorities, however, rejected to allow the plane to land. With the plane low on fuel, the crew was force to fly to Amritsar-Raja Sansi Airport (ATQ), India. The hijackers demanded that the plane be refuelled and intimidate to harm passengers if this was not done. One passenger was killed about this moment, apparently for failure to follow the hijackers’ instructions. Indian authorities rejected to provide the fuel that had been demanded. The aircraft departed and was flown to Lahore Airport (LHE) in Pakistan, but authorities shut the airport to keep the plane from landing.


                                                                         school-chalao-planehijack image1


The pilot told the control tower, however, that the plane would crash if not given permission to landing and he made an emergency landing. The hijackers demanded foods, water, and fuels, all of which were provided. The plane departed Lahore and was fly to Kabul Airport (KBL), Afghanistan, but was unable to land because there were no night time landing facilities. The plane then flew on to Muscat, Oman, but authorities rejected permission to land. The plane was then taken to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where permission to land at Dubai Airport was also rejected. The pilot, however, was operated to al-Minhar Air Base, located in a remote area of Dubai, and landed there on December 25.

Twenty-seven travelers were subsequently released in exchange for foods and fuels. The planes then were flown to Kandahar Airport (KDH), Afghanistan, reach on December 26, and stayed there for the remnant of the hijacking. In Kandahar the hijackers issued their demands. They demanded that India release Maulana Masood Azhar, a Pakistani head of the Kashmiri separatist group Harakut-ul-Mujahidin, who was imprisoned in India.


                                                                             school-chalao-planehijack image2

The hijackers also demandeds the release of 35 other jailed guerrillas, USD 200 million, and the release of the body’s of a kill Kashmiri secessionist. On December 26, United Nations officials reach to mediate between the hijackers and Indian authorities following a request by the ruling Taliban forces. On December 27 the hijackers announced a deadline and intimidate to kill traveller if their demands were not met. Negotiations between the hijackers and Indian diplomatist continued through December 29. The hijacker’s eventuality dropped their demands for the ransom and for the release of the prisoners. In return, India agree to exchange three prisoners for the secure return of the plane and passengers. On the afternoon of December 31, the passengers and crew were liberated and flown to Delhi. Meantime, the Taliban had given the hijackers ten hours to leave Afghanistan. The five hijackers 

With a Taliban hostage to ensure their safe passage and were reported to have left Afghanistan. 

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