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Taj Hotel Attack, 2008

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Place:- Mumbai, India

Dates:- 26-29 November 2008

Attack types:- Bomb, Shooting, Hostage, Siege

Deaths:- Approximately 172 (plus 9 attackers)


The Targets

There were multiple, coordinated attacks on targets across Mumbai, India’s major great city, financial capital, and home to the Bollywood film industry.


172 people were killed in the attacks. These included many local Mumbaikars, as well as visitors from all over the world. At both hotels, many staff died or was wounded as they attempted to protect their guests.


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Taj Hotel built in 1903; considered a well-known Mumbai landmark. Taj hotel One of the most reputable luxury hotels in the city. On 26 November 2008 it was a common day in Mumbai; people running for work, kids playing carelessly and tourists posing in front of the Gateway of India when smoke engulfed the grand dome of Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Within minutes, panic struck the city. Series of terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the hotel (as well as the Oberoi) was attacked, during which material damage occurred including the destruction of the roof of the hotel in the hours afterwards. This was followed by a series of blasts for the next 4 days, including at the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal. Around 200 people were killed and 300 more were injured. However, everyone from the defence and police forces to the locals and the staff at Taj got together to save lives and within days; the city was back to its normal cheerful self. The attacks began 26 November 2008 and continued for a small over 60 hours. Approximately 450 people were staying in the Taj Mahal Palace and Hotel at the time of the seizure, and other 380 in the Oberoi. The Hotel Management has declared that the hotel will be rebuilt. It will take around 12 months and Indian Rupee symbol. Svg500 crore (US$111 million) to repair it.


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