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Rules And Regulations For Athletics

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Those who participate in athletics will:

  1. Have a yearly physical examination. The exam must be after June 1st in order to be acceptable for the school year beginning in August. Athletes may not participate in an activity before proof of this exam is on file.
  2. Submit a signed Parent Permission Form. Athletes may not participate in an activity before this permission form is on file.
  3. Have sufficient health and accident insurance coverage. Athletes may not participate in an activity before proof of this coverage is on file.
  4. Return or pay for any equipment issued by the school. Failure to do so will prohibit further participation in athletics.
  5. Maintain academic eligibility and carry the minimum academic course load.
  6. Be enrolled as a full-time student at Spaulding High School at the time of tryouts and before the team roster is posted. In no-cut sports, students may join teams until the VPA eligibility forms are due.
  7. Travel to and from games in school-provided transportation. Athletes may travel home with parents, provided that prior written approval has been received by the coach from the Athletic Director or one of the school's principals. Students may not travel in vehicles driven by other students.
  8. Adhere to coaches' training standards and curfew rules.
  9. Not consume or possess alcoholic beverages, drugs (controlled substances) or tobacco (including snuff and chewing tobacco). Those who do so will be referred to the Process to Address Substance Use by Athletes.
  10. Arrive on time to school (in class no later than 8:20 AM) and attend all classes the day of and the day after a contest and activities. This includes being present the Friday before a Saturday contest. Exceptions are limited to medical or court appointments, family emergency situations, religious holidays, death of a family member or friend, college visitations, or school-sponsored field trips. Further exceptions may be made in advance by the principal or Athletic Director.
  11. Not be present at any practice or game while suspended from school.
  12. Report all injuries to coaches.
  13. Not have attained the age of nineteen (19) prior to August 1st.
  14. Not have been registered at any high school for more than eight (8) semesters.
  15. Not compete on outside teams in the same sport during the season he/she is competing in high school.
  16. Keep amateur status as defined by the Vermont Principals Association (VPA).
  17. Understand that athletes with more than three (3) unexcused practices during the season will be removed from the team. An unexcused practice the day before a game will keep the athlete from playing in that game. Unexcused practices will be determined by the Athletic Director.
  18. Perform one (1) hour of community service with their teammates, under the direction of their coach, for each season of play.
  19. Compete to regain their position when they return from missing practices or games.
  20. Seek medical attention due to injury sustained in practice or game, and receive medical clearance from a physician in order to resume activities with the team.
  21. Forfeit their certificate and letter or numerals for the season if permanently suspended from the team or become academically ineligible. Injured athletes who cannot finish the season will have a meeting with the athletic director and their respective coach (es).





  1. Any regulation set by the Vermont Principals' Association (VPA) and those mentioned in the SHS Parent-Student Handbook will apply.
  2. All students must have obtained a GPA of 1.67, with no F's, in the previous marking quarter in order to participate.  If report cards are issued during a season, a student will be removed from the program if he or she has not maintained this requirement.
  3. Every student must carry a minimum of three regular block classes or approved educational activities each semester.
  4. All incoming freshmen are eligible for the Fall season until the issuance of the first report card.
  5. All transfer students who met the eligibility requirements of their previous school during the most recent marking period are eligible for Spaulding activities until they receive their first Spaulding report card, at which time they become subject to Spaulding eligibility standards.
  1. Students who are ineligible following second quarter grades may try out for spring sports and activities if they can evidence that they are carrying at least a 1.67 GPA with no F's at the start of spring practice.
  1. Determination of the final spring eligibility will be the issuance of third quarter report cards.
  2. These academic requirements are subject to revision at any time by either Spaulding High School or by the Vermont Principals' Association (VPA).
  3. Spaulding High School requires parents to provide appropriate insurance for athletes, and the school district assumes no responsibility for injury to students participating in athletics or other school activities.
  4. All athletic participants will receive a copy of the Spaulding High School Guide to Athletics.

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