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Xender App

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What is Xender app?

Xender is an application that connects two or more smartphones to share photos, applications, and other media. It was founded by Xender Team (originally known as Xender can be operated in three operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) in a large number of languages.

''Shake" allows users to select a file and shake the phone, and then the selected file will be transferred to a connected device.

"Group" allows users to transfer files to more than one participant simultaneously. As long as devices are connected to the sender's phone, it does not matter what platform the recipient uses. Xender supports up to 5 devices connected at the same time.


How to download and install Xender app?

1. Go to Google play store on your android smart phone.

2. Type in search box Xender app and search it.

3. Click on pop up for download.

4. After download click install it.

5. Now Xender app installed.


                                                                                 school-chalao-xender-app1 image


How to Transfer and Share Apps, Files using Xender app?

1. Unlock your phone.

2. Go to apps menu and tap on Xender app.

3. After the Welcome page (first time) you are required to modify your Xender profile. “Edit your name” and “Insert a photo” because of your friend identify your device easily.

4. Now your device is ready to transfer installed apps and files. By default on the first page (App) you will see all installed applications and games of your device. If you want to share Image, Media or Files then select next categories.

5. Tap on “Connect with Friends” or “Connect phone” option.

6. Here you can see Two options Create a Group and Scan to Join a Group.

7. Who want to share apps or Files tap on the Create a Group option and another user who wants to receive chooses Scan to Join a Group.

8. “Wi-Fi hotspot” is now activated in both of devices and it’s appearing on the notification bar.

9. Choose an app or file and Long press on it; select the “share” or “send” option. The 2nd device will show the receive status on his history option.


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