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Indian railway train status App

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What is Indian railway train status app?

Indian Railways (reporting mark IR) is a state-owned railway company, is responsible for rail transport in India. It is owned and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways is. The world's largest railway 66 030 kilometers (41 030 miles) and one of the stations on the route of the track 7137 117 996 km (73 319 miles) network is involved. In 2015-16, the IR 8101 billion passengers annually, or more than 22 million passengers a day and 1,107 billion tons of freight a year. Indian Railways in 2014-2015 1,709 trillion (US $ 25 billion) 1.118 trillion (US $ 17 billion) from freight and 451.26 billion (US $ 6.7 billion) are from passengers who had the makings of.

Systems in 1951, a unit of Indian Railways, as were nationalized to become one of the world's largest networks.

Indian Railways, the world's seventh largest commercial or utility employer employs more than 1,376 million in 2013 as the last published data of IR rolling stock 245 267 freight wagons, passenger coaches and 10499 engines includes more than 66 392, with the number of employees is accordingly.


How to download and install Indian railway train status app?

1. Go on your mobile Google play store.

2. Type in search box Indian railway train status app and search it.

3. Click on pop up for download.

4. After download click install it.


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How to use Indian railway app book train ticket?

1. Train ticket booking first steps to download and install applications to your mobile system in the Indian Railways.

2. Then your login ID, "station" in the source and destination details about the station "Station" if you are a new user to create and direct entry, enter in case of an already existing user about for information source and destination of your trip.

3. Fill in the details that ask for the date of travel.

4. Sleeper class description by which you (mostly long route preferred by passengers), First Class, AC Chair, Tier 1, 2, and classes that best suit the kind of trip you are planning to visit to enter.

5. Kota Description Normal / instant / women to enter and trains available to get all the details of the option "Search", click on.

6. The arrival, departure, duration, availability status, and trains will give a list containing fare details. Click on the block to check the current status of train availability.

7. This process is clear and transparent. You effectively from any location at any time you can use to book your train tickets.


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