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Industry: Computer software, Computer hardware, Consumer electronics, Digital distribution

Founded:  April 4, 1975; 41 years ago, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

Founders:  Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Headquarters: Microsoft Redmond campus, Redmond, Washington, United States

Area served:  Worldwide



About In Microsoft

By Paul Allen and Bill Gates of Microsoft April 4, 1975 was set up, develop and sell BASIC interpreter for the Altair 8800 for MS-DOS in the mid-1980s to dominate the market for personal computer operating systems Rose, followed by Microsoft Windows. 1986 Initial Public Offering (IPO), and an increase in its share price after three billionaires and an estimated 12,000 millionaires created between Microsoft employees. Since the 1990s, it is increasingly diverse operating systems market and has made a number of acquisitions of companies.

As of 2015, Microsoft's market-leading IBM PC-compatible operating system and Office software suite on the market is the market, though the company's overall operating system market Android. The lost the majority of the production of a wide range of other software desktop and servers, and the internet search (with Bing), the video game industry, the digital services market (via MSN), and mobile phones (Xbox, Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles with a) is active in areas including ( pre phone through Nokia and Windows phone OS) operating system. In June 2012, Microsoft launched Microsoft Surface, a tablet computer; a personal computer for the first time with a line of production entered the market. Nokia's devices and services division of Microsoft with the acquisition of mobile form, the company re-entered the smartphone hardware market, its last effort, Microsoft Kin, which occurred since its acquisition of Danger Inc.


Features of Microsoft

1. Full-Screen View Support

It seems obvious, but the new Microsoft Office apps all Yosemite, which means support for full screen view are optimized. (Retina displays apps support.)

2. Redesigned Ribbon

Close to Microsoft Windows users to fully experience the ribbon in all Office apps have changed.

With the new Ribbon, work your Windows (and IOS) are nested in the same menu as counterparts.

3. Document Sharing

Microsoft Office apps that really make it easy to share documents. The share menu in the top right corner of the apps you have links or attachments and control that get the privilege of editing the file sharing allows.

Through a link with you if you share a document directly from your e-mail can open the document.

4. Threaded Conversations

When you share a document with a colleague, now the conversation is threaded comments in Word and Power point can. The Google Drive as well as (to be updated in real-time chat shows notifications for new updates, instead it is not), but it is a big improvement and a feature that is very long apps for the Mac version is missing.

5. Excel formula builder

The latest version of Excel with a formula builder, it is easy to use Excel formula functions are to make.

6. Change PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a large numbers of changes the latest version available. There is also to manage all animations within your presentation is a separate panel.

7. PowerPoint Presenter View

A feature that is likely that anyone who often will be a godsend for presets with Power point, Mac app now comes with a dedicated "presenter view."

While an external display that beams the current slide to the audience, the entire slide deck to see presenter notes, and allows a timer.

8. OneNote tag

Microsoft's new OneNote for Mac is a new tagging function, it is easy to categorize notes by subject quickly makes.


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History of Microsoft

Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation.  Microsoft's history, April 4, 1975, when Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded in Albuquerque.

In 1980, a partnership with Microsoft, IBM, the IBM computer with them to bundle Microsoft's operating system, Microsoft is allowed to pay a royalty for every sale formed. In 1985, IBM requested that Microsoft, your computer OS / 2 is said about a new operating system; Microsoft wrote the operating system, but also of their own choice, which OS / 2 continued to sell in direct competition proved. Microsoft Windows OS in terms of sales at the end / 2 is overshadowed. Microsoft launched several versions of Microsoft Windows in the 1990s, they share 90% of the world's personal computer market was occupied.

June 30, 2015, as Microsoft $ 86.83 billion and a global annual revenue of 128 076 employees worldwide.  It develops, manufactures, licenses, and a wide range of software products for computing devices supports.

World was first released in the spring of 1983, and free demonstration copies of the application were bundled with PC World November 1983 issue, making it the first program to be delivered on the disc with a magazine. However, Xenix directly to end users of software for resale, although it was never licensed to OEMs was sold. The most popular version of UNIX it is running, to be measured by the number of machines (Note that UNIX is a multi-user operating system, many users simultaneously, allowing access to a machine) increased. An interest in the mid-1980s with the addition of Microsoft SCO Unix was out of business.


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