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Teacher is such a post which has been given a status  of God in our scriptures. Teacher has an important role in education. Teacher's work does not end till classes only rather, giving right direction to the students and understanding their feelings, building a social environment in the school is also the job of a teacher.


1.Teacher must understand their importance and  should work on their basic duty :- As we all know, the teacher's status is the largest, which not only educates them but also works for their all-round development just like to explain the importance of time to children, give them right direction,well character, knowledgeable, great, leadership student. Whereby children can perform their best because whatever teacher can do for our country and  society no one can able do. For this reason, a teacher is given a higher status than God, which brings children from ignorance to knowledge and darkness to light. That's why a teacher is an important post, whose dignity is very large, those should try to keep teachers.



2.Explain the purpose of education to children so that they can know its importance :- Teacher's work is to give children the right knowledge. Explain the correct importance of the purpose of education to children that the purpose of education is to ensure that proper knowledge is provided to the children. learn and understand  anything in a good way  then use it in your life, whether it is academic or professionaly. Try to understand the value of children's education. So that they know how to make their physical and mental development. Inspire children to become a better person and introduce them to the basic duty,inspire even to stop pollution, to plant trees and to keep clean. Child education does not mean just getting jobs or making money.



3.Instead of cramming out to children, try explaining with example and imagination :- The job of a teacher is to teach the children, but nowadays most of the teachers try to make the kids cram which can be remembered for a short time but can not remember for long time. So try to make understand children so that they can learn and remember for a long time. By  which examination preparations can be  also good. When teaching or explaining to children, keep in mind that imagination and example keeps the child's attention more in focus. Therefore, instead of cramming, try to teach and explain children, so that children can easily remember.



4. Tell children how to easily learn and understand :- Teacher plays an important role for the student.Teacher teach children how to easily understand and learn. The teacher must see that the children's brain power is good  otherwise the child is not in the stress. Child's confidence, memory and focus power must be good. Teachers try to impliment  these things in children. Because if all these things will be in the children only then will the child easily understand and learn things.



5.Explain tips to be physically and mentally fit:- Just as a healthy body is needed to stay healthy, children need to be mentally fit to understand any thing well. Therefore, it is very important for the teacher to explain children about  race, different games or exercises from time to time to be physically fit. Similarly, keeping mentally fit is also very important for children so that they can make themselves mentally strong. This job can be done in a better way by the teacher only. encrouge the  children to play mind games like  puzzles, or many such games that improve the quality of thinking and understanding of children.



6. Make your behavior generous for children rather than harsh :-All the students are like their children for a teacher. You all know that as we behave with the person, the person does the same thing. Therefore,bring generosity with the children because if you are harsh then children can not tell anything about fear. Your behavior turns bad towards children. Therefore, the teacher should behave equally well with all the children without discrimination. Because a teacher can end the evils things, such as discrimination like the high-low, rich-poor and color based racism through education. Do not let your anger happen to children because of any of your stress that they start misunderstanding you. Make your behave good towards children.



7. Listen,think  and make soulution of child's problems :- The basic duty of the teacher is to provide the right information to the children at the right time. Children's mind is not so developed that they can make a difference in the right or wrong. Therefore, do not ignore the problem of small children.Try to know their problem according to their age. Understanding that problem and letting children know their solutions. So that the children will not suffer from any problem and can try to read well by staying completely free of stress and it can never be  happen that children do not face any problem. Therefore, do Solution of their problems as they trust most on teachers who do solutions for their every problem.



8. Identify the talent of children and motivate them to pursue a career in it :- Teachers are the ones who know or recognize the children most. They know about every child that what talent or quality is inside the child.The teacher get this information from experience. Inspire children on the basis of their talent or quality. Because we all know that there is definitely some talent in every child, it needed only identify and bring out and no one can do it better than teacher. Teacher can help a child to improve their life. Because of which children can make their career and teachers can make a lot of help in their career.



9. Help the children to become perfect in the field where the child is talented :- In any field, children have to face a lot of difficulties in building a career. Therefore, the duty of a teacher is to make  determined them to do that work well with passion, energy, courage and all this can happen only when you continue to inspire and motivate the child so the faith of the child will not weaken and will try to improve yourself. The children will have to realize this thing Practically or Thoratically that when you do not make yourself perfect in your field, you can not reach your destination. So help them to make perfect.



10. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Internet:- Teacher understands technology better. They know what is the advantages and disadvantages of internet in today's time. Because if today's technology is used properly, it is taken in right direction. Otherwise, it can spoil the carrier by wrong direction or addiction. Because in today's time without the use of technology (mobile or laptop) you can not complete your work. It is easy to use technology but only for the children of the developed mind. All digital media like - tv, laptop, mobile, diffrent website or social media will have to be used properly, otherwise today's children are gradually missusing these things. That's why a teacher is required to tell you how to use all these things correctly with study to improve the future of children and can success in delivering the right knowledge.


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